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Genital aesthetics (Cosmetic Gynecology)

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Solutions are provided for genital disorders with applications made to the tissue with laser technology.


Genital aesthetics (Cosmetic Gynecology)

In women, vaginal tissue becomes thinner, sagging and cellular regression of the tissue we call atrophy occurs due to age, previous pregnancy and births, and especially after menopause, estrogen hormone deficiency. Due to all these changes, unpleasant consequences such as vaginal dryness, frequent fungal infections, painful sexual intercourse and dissatisfaction with intercourse occur. At the same time, as the pelvic floor tissue loses its support, many women also experience coughing, laughing, etc. Urinary incontinence (urinary incontinence) seen with is observed. Unfortunately, most women do not hesitate to talk about the issue to their physicians, despite having these problems.

Among the vaginal laser technologies, CO2 Laser is the most widely used laser technology in this field, and when applied to the tissue, a thermal effect is created in the tissue thanks to the mini holes (DOT technology), thus remodeling (tissue regeneration) is triggered, leading to the formation of fresh collagen and the increase of elastic fibers. In this way, the tissue tightens and strengthens and contributes to the vaginal inner surface lubrication by providing lubrication on the surface. Again, as the pelvic floor tissue is supported, it helps to improve urinary incontinence problems.

Mona Lisa Touch CO2 Laser Device,  which is preferred in many developed countries for this purpose, is used in our clinic  .

 Advantages of Vaginal Laser Treatment

Since there is no surgical procedure, one can return to normal life on the same day,

It can be applied painlessly in office conditions in a short time,

It is enough to spend about 30 minutes for the procedure,

Benefits of vaginal laser applications;

Vaginal dryness is eliminated,

It has benefits in the treatment of painful sexual intercourse,

Vaginal tissue thinning (atrophy) after menopause is treated, tissue is strengthened,

It allows a more satisfying sexual intercourse with the woman and her partner,

Reduces the recurrence of vaginal dryness due to atrophy and subsequent frequent vaginal infections (such as fungal and bacterial infections),

As the vaginal tissue is strengthened, the pelvic floor is strengthened, thus reducing the complaints of urinary incontinence caused by coughing and sneezing.

Correction of genital lips

In women, the genital lips can be in many different shapes and structures from person to person, but in some women, the inner lips (Labia Minora) may be much longer or asymmetrical than they should be. Again, over the years, the genital lips, especially the outer lip (Labia Majora) may lose their volume and become saggy and irregular. Especially young women complain about the asymmetrical appearance of the vaginal lips, while women in the menopausal stage are unhappy due to the sagging and voluminous appearance. The appearance is aesthetically uncomfortable for the woman, as well as when wearing tight underwear, swimwear, bikini and trousers, it also causes discomfort in some sporting events.  

Angioplasty (vaginal aesthetic surgery)

Vagina narrowing

Especially birth, age, menopause, diseases with chronic cough, continuous heavy lifting cause enlargement and sagging of the vaginal tissue. With the sagging of the vaginal tissue, the reduced pelvic floor support causes the urinary bladder (bladder) to sag. As a result, coughing, straining starts to leak urine. (urinary incontinence) Since the patient has difficulty holding urine, his social and sexual life is also affected. Chronic constipation as a result of the bulging of the intestinal tissue into the vagina, and the dissatisfaction of the partner and the patient in sexual intercourse due to the excessive enlargement of the vagina occur as accompanying problems.

Angioplasty (Paraneoplastic) is the process of correcting the sagging vaginal tissue with appropriate surgical techniques and at the same time removing the existing complaints by lifting the bladder. The procedure is a surgical procedure and is performed under anesthesia and operating room conditions. After the operation, your physician will arrange the necessary prescription and discharge it with appropriate recommendations. Until the wound healing is completed, sexual intercourse and excessive weight lifting should be avoided. Since special sewing threads are used in the operation, there is no need to take stitches. Since the stitches are mostly inside the vagina, there is no pain that will disturb patients during the recovery period. The patient can return to his non-heavy daily housework in a short time.

Orgasm and sexual destruction treatments

Although sexual dissatisfaction in women is very common in our society, unfortunately a very small proportion of women share this problem with their physician. For sexual dissatisfaction and orgasm problems, our specialist will make a detailed interview with you and try to reach the primary source of the problem. A treatment scheme is created in accordance with the detected problem.

Many practices have positive effects on sexual dissatisfaction. In patients with dryness due to menopause and painful sexual intercourse, filling applied into the vagina and the regenerative and supportive treatments of the vaginal mucosa have positive effects. Since vaginal laser provides intravaginal tissue and collagen tissue regeneration, it allows a more satisfactory relationship.

Especially by filling the region called the G point (the area where the nerve endings are gathered more intensely in the vagina) and the clitoris, the pleasure and full satisfaction of the woman at the time of intercourse can be facilitated. Correct communication with the partner and a satisfying sexual life play a very important role for a healthy and happy life. In this way, the woman’s view of daily life and the ability to cope with the difficulties in life improves and a healthier bond is established between them and positive contributions are made to the family life. Suitable Filling Materials and PRP methods can be used for g-spot amplification (g-spot magnification).

Genital rejuvenation without surgery / genital region filling procedures and genital prp

Female genital organs change over the years depending on gravity and especially due to the pregnancies, breastfeeding and menopause. The texture loses its firmness and volume. Especially after menopause, it is adversely affected due to the deficiency of the estrogen hormone that protects the tissue, it becomes thinner, dry, lost its volume, wrinkled and sagging appearance. The vagina loses its elasticity. The changes that occur both reduce the comfort of a woman’s daily life and also affect her sexual life by reducing her confidence in her body. 

Genital Area Filling Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule in our body, especially in the skin and mucosal membranes. Due to its water retaining feature, its task is to add volume to the area (volume expander), moisturize the tissue (hydration) and support the tissue by providing firmness.

In our center, HYALUNORIC ACID Filling Systems, which are produced for this purpose, have the ability to stay in the tissue for a longer time (IPN_Like technology / cross-link feature) and also have antioxidant properties due to the Mannitol contained, are used, and results that satisfy and happy the patient are obtained in expert hands. The process is carried out in a short time under office conditions. If PRP is to be performed in the genital area, the sample taken from your own blood is prepared before the procedure and turned into PRP. (Prepared within 15 minutes) PRP is a plasma rich in thrombocyte particles in the blood and makes significant contributions to tissue regeneration and rejuvenation.

Since PRP is made from your own blood, it does not contain any risk.

After the area is anesthetized by applying local anesthesia and ice, it is applied by the specialist physician in a very short time.

There is no need for any special preparation before the procedure.

It can be applied in office conditions at a time we call luncbreak time.

Local anesthesia is sufficient.

You can return home / work immediately after the procedure.

After the procedure, slight redness and bruising may occur in the tissue. The bruising that occurs will fade within a few days and disappear completely.

Do not do heavy exercise for 1 week after the procedure, do not wear too tight clothes, pay attention to the hygiene of the genital area.


Vagina whitening and genital zone whitening

(bikini area whitening / darkened vagina / genital bleaching)

Since the removal of genital area hair is today’s normal aesthetic acceptance, the ‘seeing’ of the genital area by the woman and her partner has increased the attention of women to the genital area, bringing to the agenda a more aesthetic, smoother and pinkish, more beautiful color genital area.

Although the bikini area (vulva and perineum) of each woman is unique, the genital area may be darker, darkened and distorted with stains due to the pregnancies and hormonal factors. When hyperpigmentation (darkening and increased spots) develops on the outer surfaces of the vulva and labia, the perineum area and the skin around the anus, the color of the skin becomes darker and uneven. As more and more women demand genital bleaching, we have ‘regional bleaching’ applications developed with many studies on this subject, and especially treatment methods with the help of ‘laser’.

Although many creams and herbal treatments are advertised, it is always more reasonable to use methods that have been researched with a scientific approach and proven to be effective. For the treatment, after the region is examined in detail, it is individualized and a personalized treatment plan is created. By performing a gynecological examination, problems due to medical or hormonal causes are detected. If there is any extra lesion in the area (wart, lipoma, etc.), it is treated. Appropriate treatment program is developed. The number of applications varies depending on the darkening rate of the area, the skin structure of the person and the treatment method to be applied.

Pregnancy fracture / stria treatments

(pregnancy crack / abdominal crack)

Striae appearance occurs due to excessive stretching of the skin during periods such as adolescence and pregnancy, when there are rapid weight changes in the body. Especially during pregnancy, irregular cracks with collapses occur in the abdomen, hips, back of the legs and the side of the breasts, which become red and then gradually white. Its treatment is a problem that requires special attention and care, and it makes many women and young girls unhappy.

The aim of treatment is to stimulate new collagen synthesis, increase fibroelastic activity, increase blood flow to the damaged area and increase tissue hydration. There is not a single gold standard treatment method, and the treatment should be individualized and an appropriate approach should be taken.

The Methods We Use in Fracture Treatment;

laser crack treatment,

dermabrasion methods,


monotherapy products added as supportive therapy,

The process is applied in office conditions,

application of local anesthetic cream is sufficient,

You can go home immediately after the procedure.

After the procedure, you should keep the area dry, do not wear clothes that cause irritation, do not spray perfume on the treated area, and avoid physical activity and sports that will cause excessive sweating for a while.

Avoid hand contact with the area until tissue repair is performed. Do not sunbathe, stay away from swimming pools, saunas, Turkish baths and hot springs. If your physician deems it necessary, use the tissue restorative creams prescribed regularly after the procedure. The number of sessions varies from person to person and depending on the intensity of the crack and how old it is.

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