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Gynecology and Obstetrics

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We provide professional support in Gynecology and Obstetrics.


Gynecology and Obstetrics

In addition, general diagnosis and treatment services in
the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Private Medivia Hospital provides
services with its specialist physicians in areas such as menopause, osteoporosis,
infertility, cancer screenings, treatment of sexual dysfunctions, follow-up of
risky and normal pregnancies and with an understanding that takes intaccount
the needs of patients.

Practices and Operations in Our Clinic
Pre-pregnancy counseling and examination

Pregnancy follow-up

Risky pregnancy follow-up

Habuttal abortion Those with

increased risk of fetal anomaly in double, triple or quadruple test

Patients with hereditary disease in parents and close relatives

Premature birth threat

Premature rupture of membranes

Intrauterine growth retardation

Multiple pregnancy


Pregnancy myoma, ovarian cyst, kidney, accompanying liver pathologies

Advanced age

Those whencountered problems such as miscarriage, intra-uterine death, fetal
anomaly, premature birth in previous pregnancy and increased risk in this

Diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, liver disease (developing during pregnancy or
before pregnancy)

Fetal anomaly screening

4 dimensional ultrasonography

II. Detailed ultrasonography

Doppler ultrasonography

NST (nonstress test)


Normal birth

Cesarean section Normal delivery

after cesarean

Postnatal mother education, baby care.

Counseling of contraceptive methods and application of patient-specific methods

Annual routine gynecological examination

Cervical cancer screening and vaccine consultancy

Cervical wound diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Menstrual irregularity and ovulation disorders

Abnormal hair growth (hirsutism ) and acne treatment

Adolescent gynecology (step from childhood tyoung girl)

Pre-marital counseling and hymen information

Urinary incontinence (incontinence), medical and surgical treatment

Infertility examination and treatment (medical treatment, IUI and referral of appropriate cases tIVF-ET)

Menopause screening and management

Treatment of vaginismus, sexual desire disorders (accompanied by a specialist psychologist and gynecologist )

Vaginal tightening, renewal and correction surgeries

Vulva (aesthetic correction of inner lips)

Gynecological operations (open or laparoscopic, hysterescopic)



Ovarian cyst operations

Tubal ligation

Endometrial polyp

Incontinence operations

Genital organ cancer diagnosis and surgical treatment

Laboratory services

Fetal DNA screening in maternal blood (free fetal DNA test, cffDNA)

Thromboembolism screening,

Genetic examination of mother, father and fetus

General Gynecology Services These are
polyclinic services where the diagnosis and treatment of
gynecological problems of all women from adolescence tmenopause are made, as
well as routine health checks and check-up applications tprevent the occurrence
of disease.

Pregnancy and High Risk Pregnancy Follow-up
All the examinations and procedures that a pregnant woman needs, including the
puerperium period from the beginning of the pregnancy tthe postpartum period
after the birth of the baby, are presented in our hospital with great attention
and care, psychological support and a smiling face.

Pregnant Women with High Fetal Anomaly Risk (What is
fetal DNA test in maternal blood?)

Amniocentesis is the most commonly used method in definite determination of
babies with an anomaly history in the family or high risk of chromosomal
disorders in double and triple tests. The fact that this method has a low
probability of causing miscarriage causes expectant mothers tworry when this
test is recommended. A newly developed test allows the examination of the
chromosomes of the baby in the blood taken from the expectant mother. With
this test performed in our hospital, it is aimed treduce the anxiety of
expectant mothers.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units Specialists and nurses of our neonatal intensive care unit, whare
ready tintervene at any time and have the necessary technical equipment,
accompany the deliveries in risky pregnancy deliveries, preterm births or
births that are likely tbe encountered with health problems.

Infertility It is the inability of the expectant mother tconceive even though
couples whwant thave children dnot use contraception for a certain period of
time. This period is one year under the age of 30, six months between the
ages of 30-35 and three months above the age of 35. In our clinic, the
reasons related tmen and women that may cause infertility are screened and
directed tthe appropriate treatment method. Painless HSG (intrauterine
imaging film) is taken, spermiogram and hormone tests are checked. In
addition, reasons that may cause personal infertility are investigated.

Genital Cancers and Screening
Genital cancer screening and early detection of existing cancer
are life-saving. After breast cancer, it is the most common and fatal
cancer of the genital area in women. Annual routine examination,
ultrasonography, smear test, and breast ultrasonography and mammography, which
are added tthe routine examination after the age of 40 or if there is a risk
factor, allow the cancer tbe found and fully treated before it spreads.

Menopause and Osteoporosis Follow-up
Menopause is one of the special and sensitive periods in women’s
life. Necessary medical support is provided by our specialist physicians
in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department of our hospital sthat women can
spend this period in a healthy, comfortable and safe manner. We plan
treatments in cooperation with our other medical departments tprevent
osteoporosis (osteoporosis) disease that develops due tmenopause and tminimize
the damage on our patients.

Cosmetic gynecology operations performed
General applications about vaginal aesthetics: Vaginal tightening
and renewal operations provide benefits in both functional and cosmetic
aspects. Aesthetic correction of the inner lips (Labiaplasty): Aesthetic
shortening of the inner lips, normalization of larger or asymmetrical
appearances than normal. Surgical enlargement of strictures at the
entrance of the vagina, removal of bad looking stitches after birth Aesthetic
problems that develop after gynecological problems: Removal of the bartholin
gland, removal of the bad-looking stitch marks caused by the removal of vaginal
cysts. Correction of the tears and bad appearance that may occur between
the vagina and the anus, called the perineum after birth, and the correction of
unsatisfied surgical errors and unwanted results. Congenital deformities.

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