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Hand Surgery

Hand Injuries

Our hand is a very complex and sophisticated organ made
up of 30 small bones, 25 joints, 25 tendons, small muscles, vessels and
nerves. Even if we do not realize its importance when we are healthy, we
can only understand how much a small finger fracture can hinder our lives.

Small hand injuries can often be cured with simple
treatments, but sometimes an injury that we consider minor can lead to huge
problems in the future. Injuries such as bone fractures and tendon
injuries usually require very serious and long-term treatment and
follow-up. As a result of these injuries, a limitation of movement or
deformity in any finger can seriously affect our daily life. For this
reason, it is necessary to see an orthopedist in all hand injuries, whether
open wounded or closed, in order to prevent major problems that may arise in
the future.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: (Wrist nerve compression)

It is one of the most common painful diseases of the
hand. It is most common in young and middle-aged women. It can occur
for reasons such as constant strenuous occupational activities and household
chores, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, wrist bone and soft
tissues deformities.

In the wrist, the base of the wrist bones (carpal bones)
and the ceiling of the median nerve passing through a tunnel formed by a thick
connective tissue called the transverse carpal ligament is due to the
compression of the median nerve within this tunnel for various reasons.

It manifests itself in the form of numbness, tingling and
pain in the wrist in 2/3 of the thumb on the hand. Waking up at night with
these complaints is typical. EMG (nerve electrode) is very important for
definitive diagnosis.

Ganglion Cyst (Hygroma)

It is a round, well circumscribed mass that can be
palpable under the skin, which can be from a few millimeters to a few
centimeters in diameter, most commonly on the back of the wrist joint,
sometimes on the inner side of the wrist. It originates from the
scapho-lunate joint capsule, mostly due to the strain, it is filled with a
gelatinous liquid inside. Sometimes it can go away by itself. It does
not create a dangerous situation, but if it causes pain due to the pressure it
exerts on the surrounding tissues, it may be surgically removed with the
surgery performed by the orthopedist.

Trigger Finger

Small nodules formed on the tendons that bend the fingers
are squeezed in the tunnel through which the tendon passes, causing snagging
during finger movements. In the early stages, it can sometimes be improved
with methods such as medication and cortisone injection, but usually surgical
intervention is required. With the surgery performed by the orthopedist
with a small incision, the tunnel in which the tendon is inserted is opened,
allowing the finger to move comfortably. The patient can do most of his
daily work a few days after surgery. After about 2 weeks, he returns to
his normal life completely.

This problem can also be encountered in babies. It
is noticed that a two-month-old baby does not move his thumb. Although it
sometimes heals spontaneously, if there is still no improvement after the age
of 1, surgery is required to prevent permanent contracture of the finger.

De Quervain’s Disease: (Inflammation of the thumb extensor tendons)

It is the occurrence of severe pain in the wrist area
during thumb movements as a result of the thickening of the tendons that lift
the thumb and the tunnel it passes through at the wrist level due to strain and
irritation. It is also common in those who use their thumbs a lot and in
mothers who have just given birth.

In the treatment, a significant part is relieved with
splint, medication, and if necessary, local cortisone injection.

If there is no improvement despite conservative treatment
for a month or two, the complaints are resolved with an operation performed by
an orthopedist with a small incision.

Hand Infections

Our hands are the part of our body that is exposed to the most microbes, as they are
constantly in contact with external surfaces. Even a small injury to the
skin of our hands that prevents microbes from entering the body can easily
cause these microbes to cause infection.

Among these, fingertip infection (felon), nail edge
infection (paronchia), tendon bed infection (purulent tenosynovitis) are the
most common. It can be treated very early with antibiotics and rest, but
often requires surgical removal of the infection and long-term antibiotic
treatment. Tendon bed infection can cause severe loss of motion in the

For these reasons, when we see symptoms such as swelling, redness and throbbing in any
part of our hand, it is necessary to consult an orthopedic specialist as soon
as possible.


Disruption of the cartilages in the hand joints, which is
called calcification, is a common condition due to reasons such as long-term
repetitive small strains, previous fractures, rheumatic diseases. It is
quite common in the thumb root joint. Pain and strain during operations
such as opening a jar and turning keys are the most typical
symptoms. Orthopedic surgeries may be required in cases that do not heal
with conservative treatment methods such as medication, splinting, cortisone

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