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Our clinics are equipped with advanced radiology technicians and radiology technicians at our Hospital Radiology Unit
and are provided with continuous technological equipment’s.


Imaging Center

In modern medicine, radiological examinations are important for early diagnosis of many diseases.
Our Hospital Radiology Unit keeps this knowledge in consciousness and devices
with advanced technological equipment.

– Ultrasonography + Doppler Ultrasonography +
2nd Level Obstetric Ultrasonography

– Direct Radiography Systems + CR Technology

–  Spiral Computed Tomography (CT)

– Mammography

– Bone Densitometer (Bone Density Scanning)

– Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)

Ultrasonography + Doppler Ultrasonography + 2nd Level Obstetric Ultrasonography

With our advanced ultrasonography devices, our Department of Radiology provides the best
services to our patients in this department and we are examining abdominoscopy, pregnancy, thyroid,
nipple, testes, and  CRANIAL, HIP, SOFT TISSUE, SHOULDER and similar areas
in infants are examined.

In addition, diagnosis is made by performing biopsy from
some organs and masses under ultrasound guidance.

 Doppler Ultrasound USG examines the pathologies
related to artery and vein..

Fetal growth retardation with pregnancy Doppler, 2D
anomaly scan and 4D imaging are performed with 2D obstetric USG.

Direct Radiography Systems + CR Technology

In our unit, all direct Rontgen studies are performed and
digitized with CR system, the images are sent instantly to the clinicians’ screens,
so that clinicians can see the results of the shooting of patients
instantaneously. All photographs are made and reported by radiology technicians
under the supervision of specialist doctors. In addition, patients who are
treated in bed services can be filmed with our mobile devices.

Spiral Computed Tomography

It is a method of cross-sectional visualization of the
body using X-rays (X-ray beams) transversally (across the coronal
(longitudinal) and sagittal (lateral) planes as permitted by the positioning of
some special organs), to differentiate the various organs in the body, one or
more contrast agents may be required to make them more prominent. These may be
in the form of intravenous injection of iodinated compounds or intracavitary
(oral cavity) administration, or oral and / or rectal barium sulphate

In the course of the examination, the patient is required
to remain motionless on the computerized tomography screen. A CT scan may take
about 10-15 minutes depending on the nature of the examined body region or the
investigated disease.

During the examination, the patient may hear a sound from
the operation of the CT machine. During the examination, the patient will go
slowly through the opening of the CT machine (gantry). During some
examinations, the patient will be asked to keep breathing at various intervals
while the X-ray is being sent.

Following the CT scan, the patient may continue his
normal daily activity.


Mammography is a special x-ray technique used in breast
examination. Mammography can show cancerous foci that are too small to be
detected in the examination, and even detect the early stage of cancer
formation. Mammography paws are recommended once in the 30-39 age range for
women who do not show any symptoms as a basis for subsequent examinations. This examination should be repeated every 2
years at 40-49 years, and every year at later ages. Women who have a breast
cancer story in their family are recommended to have a more frequent interval.

Bone Densitometer (Bone Density Scanning)

 It is a measurement method that determines the
risk of brittle fracture of the bone.If osteoporosis is detected, the patient’s
treatment is determined according to these measurement results, and the
patient’s osteoporosis is followed by measurements made at regular intervals.
Bone density measurement without any radiation risk for the patient is a very
easy and effortless examination. The measurement results are reported
immediately during the measurement and presented to the doctor for evaluation.
The measurement period is approximately a few minutes.

It is recommended to perform this examination once a year
in women over 50 years, especially against osteolysis, which are common in
women. It is an important examination in terms of the health of the
patient and the comfort of life in advanced ages.

The studies on Bone Density Measurements are made with
the latest technology in our Hospital Imaging Center Unit.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)

Magnetic resonance imaging is a new imaging technique
that has been used for the last 20 years. MRI is a diagnostic technique that is
painless and does not use tools that can be harmful, such as x-rays. While the
patient lies in a cylinder containing a strong electromagnet (magnet), the
process is performed by sending radio waves that cause the hydrogen atoms in the
body to release energy.

Information about thousands of atoms moving by magnet
effect is sent to a computer and a cross-sectional image is obtained on
different axes of the examined area. Radiologists evaluate these images and
obtain information about the disease.

In our hospital, MR shots are performed in our contracted institutions.

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