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IVF treatment

Overview of IVF Treatment

The basic principle of IVF treatment is the process of
fertilization of female and male reproductive cells (female’s egg and male’s
sperm) outside the body. The founder of modern IVF treatment is Robert G.
Edwards. The first baby born as a result of IVF procedure (Louise Brown)
was born in England in 1978. All applications related to in vitro
fertilization since 1971 constitute the basis of today’s in vitro fertilization
technique. While the developments regarding in vitro fertilization are
continuing rapidly in the world, in our country, it has started to apply in
vitro fertilization methods, which are not indifferent to the studies on
IVF. As a result, in 1989, the first in vitro fertilization was delivered
at Ege University.

Latest Technological Developments in IVF Treatment

In vitro fertilization techniques have improved day by day and enabled them to enter our lives in new
methods. These latest technological developments have been implemented
based on the factors that affect the success rate of IVF treatment. To talk
about these developments briefly;

Testicular biopsy performed under microscope (Microtus)

The technique of examining the embryos of
couples with genetic problems and selecting the healthy ones among them PGD
(Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)

Technique of thinning the embryo wall with the
help of laser (Assisted Hatching)

Embryos, sperms and eggs later The process of
preserving by freezing for use (Frozen)

The technique applied to follow the development
of the embryo under the camera and to select the healthy ones (Embryo scope)

Step 1 (Initial examination and couple assessment)

Previous treatments and stories such as pregnancy, birth, and miscarriage are listened to. If
available, old analysis and examination results are evaluated. All kinds
of surgery reports or notes

Sperm analysis

Blood tests of women and men

Reports of previous treatments

Uterine film

Chromosome analysis

Reports on other diseases

According to all these data, IVF treatment is
planned and the day of treatment is determined .

Step 2 (Stimulating the ovaries and forming an egg)

Egg-enhancing drugs (needle therapy) are applied to select good embryos in the ovaries and put them
into the uterus and to create a large number of eggs. Drug dosage and
treatment process depends on the patient’s age and egg reserve. It takes
8-12 days on average.

Step 3 (Egg collection)

Developing eggs are collected under anesthesia and stored
for fertilization under laboratory conditions. Meanwhile, the man also
gives sperm. Just like sperm analysis, sperm is taken by
masturbation. Sperm is taken from men who cannot give sperm by micro TESE
method. On average, this process takes half an hour. For the sperm
sample to be given on the day of egg collection, the male should have a 2-4-day sexual abstinence. This period
should not be longer than 7 days.

Step 4 In vitro fertilization (IVF) or microinjection (ICSI) application

* Classical IVF-IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

It was a technique applied
in the first years of IVF, when microinjection was not discovered yet. In
recent years, since fertilization rates are lower than ICSI, it has become an
IVF technique that is mostly not preferred to be applied.

*Microinjection (ICSI)

It is the injection of sperm directly into the egg
by means of a pipette under the microscope. Microinjection (ICSI) method
is widely used today in IVF treatment. The purpose of microinjection is to
increase fertilization to high rates by meeting the egg with the sperm one by
one. Microinjection is widely used, especially in severe male infertility.

After the sperm taken from the male is combined with the egg taken from the
woman under the microscope, it is followed up to the 6th day according to its
development in the devices we call incubators that resemble the body

Step 5 (Embryo transfer)

Fertilized eggs stored in the laboratory for two to six
days are placed into the uterus painlessly with the help of a special
catheter. This process takes about 5-10 minutes. Sexual intercourse
is not recommended during the period up to the pregnancy test. Paracetamol
group drugs can be used as pain relief. One day after the transfer, you
can take a bath in the form of a warm shower.

Step 6 (Pregnancy test)

12 days after the transfer
process, a pregnancy test is performed to find out whether pregnancy has
occurred. This test is a blood test we call BHCG in blood that does not
require hunger and satiety.

The patient is called for an ultrasound control
1 week 10 days after pregnancy is detected. Patients living out of the
city or abroad, on the other hand, have their controls and give information at
their location. Although there is a normal pregnancy after pregnancy, we
do not stop the drug support we use, especially for the first 3 months.

Tube baby

• What is IVF, What are the Stages?
• Sperm Analysis
• Sperm Preparation Methods
• Sperm Chip (Micro Chip)
• Microinjection ICSI
• Embryo Freezing and Thawing
• Blastocyst Transfer
• Assisted Hatching
• Embryoscope
• Surgical Sperm Search Techniques TESE, PESA , MESA
• Egg Freezing
• Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD, PGS
• Endoscopic Surgery

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