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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Epilation is the fastest and healthiest way to
permanently get rid of unwanted hair. It acts through a mechanism called
Selective Photo-Thrombolysis (selective destruction by light heat). When
the laser is shot to the skin, the light passes through the skin within
milliseconds without being absorbed, but it is absorbed by the hair root and
hair shaft and creates a high heat in the hair root, causing the hair root to be
destroyed. The main purpose of laser epilation is to deliver the laser
beam to the hair root at the right dose, causing damage to the hair cell so
that it cannot produce hair again, and prevent the hair cell from producing new

Is laser treatment harmful to health?

It is unnecessarily feared that laser will be evaluated
as radiation and harm health. However, there is no relationship between
laser and radiation. During the application of the laser to the skin,
there was no evidence that any effect on subcutaneous tissues and organs was
observed. In fact, even with very powerful hair removal lasers, effective
doses can only reach the hair root level.

Is laser epilation a painful procedure?

Since some parts of the body are more sensitive, there
may naturally be a slight pain sensation in some areas. However, since it
is used with laser cooler, there is no pain or pain due to heating of the
skin. Thanks to the cooler, the reaction in the hair root is felt
relatively less. For example, when the fine hairs on the lips are treated
with laser, you will not feel anything.

Which areas is laser epilation not applied to?

Provided that the eyes are protected with special
glasses, laser epilation can be applied to the hair in all body parts except
the eyelids. It can be applied to the face, neck, neck, ears, muscles,
arms, armpits, legs, belly, hips, back, shoulders, waist as well as sensitive
areas such as breast, breast, bikini line.

Who can apply laser epilation?

Laser epilation can be applied to anyone who has
completed the age of 12 and has dark hair. If the hair is light colored,
that is, it has little pigment, it will not absorb laser light and is not
affected by laser epilation.

How long does laser epilation take and how often should it be done?

This process varies according to the width of the area. For
example, while the upper lip ends in 1 minute, the back may take about 1 hour.

The hair growth cycle consists of 3 phases: anagen (growth), catagen
(regression) and telogen (rest). Laser light is only effective on anagen
hair, which is the active growth phase. Only 20 – 85% of the bristles are
present at this stage at any time. This differs for each part of the body. The
catagen phase is the regression phase, while the telogen phase is the resting
and new hair follicle phase. Since laser epilation is only effective on
hairs in the anagen phase, more than one treatment is needed for an effective
result. Epilation treatment sessions are performed as the hair follicles
enter the growth phase, at 4-6 week intervals or as the hairs grow. The
total number of procedures varies according to the body region, as well as
depending on your characteristics such as genetic factors, age, gender,
hormonal profile.

Will there be any changes in the skin after laser epilation treatment?

Some skin may have a rash and disappear after a very
short time (approximately 0.5-1 hour). In areas such as neck and nape,
there may be acne that will heal spontaneously within 1-2 weeks. In laser
epilation, in the old model laser epilation devices without cooling system,
there is always the possibility of burns and subsequent stain marks on the skin
because the light is absorbed by the melanin pigments in the epidermis, the
upper layer of the skin. Since the laser with cooling system does not
allow the skin to heat up, the risk of burns is much lower in laser epilation.

Is hair reduction permanent with laser epilation?

Permanent hair removal is defined as “long-term hair
reduction” and is used for hair reduction between 70% and 90% after 3–6
treatments. A completely hairless result will not be very realistic.
In cases of hormonal hair growth, if a hormonal irregularity occurs again, it
is natural to see an increase in hair growth again. If we review the
principles of laser hair removal treatment; The result of each session in
an effective laser treatment is to reduce the number of clay roots. The
rate of this reduction varies from person to person, but in any case, the
reduction continues with ongoing treatments. Meanwhile, the number of hair
follicles decreases as well as weakening. Weakened roots can only enter a
growth period after a very long resting period. This means that the time
required for hair growth increases as the treatment progresses. Therefore,
it may be necessary to wait 1 year after the last procedure in order to
understand whether a certain session is the last session or not.

How to start laser epilation procedures?

In order to start laser procedures, it is necessary to
wait until the hair growth in that area reaches the maximum density without
removing the hair from the root. What you need to do is wait without using
yellowing or tweezers / wax for a period of 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on
the area. If you want, you can cut the hair that grows during this period
or you can use a depilatory cream. Since depilatory creams do not
penetrate the roots, there is no harm in using them before laser. Because
the hairs do not have to be long to start the process, it is sufficient that
the roots have grown.

Is laser hair removal different for men?

The area’s most frequently demanded by men are beards,
especially on the back-shoulders, chest, neck-neck and cheekbones. Laser
epilation applications in men differ little from women, basically the mechanism
of action is the same. It is based on the principle of burning and
destroying the melanin-rich hair root cell with laser energy applied through
the skin.

Men have some advantages and disadvantages in laser epilation applications
compared to women. The advantages are that men respond very well to laser
because they have thicker and darker clay roots, and much more successful
results can be obtained. Secondly, since men do not want absolute hairless skin
as much as women, it is possible to get satisfactory results with fewer

The disadvantage of men is that they are constantly under pressure in terms of
new hair production due to their high male hormones. This may reduce the
effect of laser epilation in the long term and make revision applications

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