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Lazy eyes in babies and children

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We provide professional support in Lazy eyes in babies and children.


Lazy eyes in babies and children

In infants and children, lazy eye can develop if there is
an asymmetrical refractive eye defect between the eyes. Therefore, one eye
begins to see less than the other. The earlier the lazy eye is diagnosed
and treated, the better the results. It is an important opportunity for
treatment especially before the age of 6 years. In this context, it is
extremely important for parents to follow their children’s development
carefully and to apply to a specialist doctor at the slightest doubt.

Causes of Lazy Eyes

Strabismus Refractive eye defects such as myopia, astigmatism, and

Anomalies in the refractive environments of the eye, such
as the cornea, iris, lens, and vitreous

Strabismus; It is the most prominent feature of lazy
eye and can be easily noticed. However, awareness can be difficult for
other reasons. For this reason, regular eye examination is extremely
important for babies and children. Early diagnosis and treatment is
possible with routine examinations that a specialist ophthalmologist can
perform in a few minutes.

Treatment of Lazy Eyes

The biggest advantage of early diagnosis in lazy eye is
success only with the use of glasses. If there is a problem that may cause
lazy eye in the baby or child and this is diagnosed early; Only the use of
glasses will suffice.

One of the most effective treatments that can be
done if lazy eye has occurred is eye closure treatment. Here, the
well-sighted eye of the baby or child is closed and it is aimed to increase the
visual efficiency of the other eye. Although eye closure treatment is
extremely successful, it is an uncomfortable and challenging process,
especially in infants.

Apart from this, various computer-programmed
treatments are also available for lazy eye. CAM treatment or Neurovision
treatment applied to those over the age of 10 can be counted among these. In
these treatments, computer-assisted development of the child’s vision is

Apart from these treatments, surgical
intervention is also performed for lazy eye. This situation is completely
at the initiative and decision of the specialist ophthalmologist.

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