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Medical aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics is an artistic science. It is a branch of
medicine that is developing day by day, based on various procedures and techniques
applied to correct the appearance and contours of the skin, body, especially
the face area.

This area, which offers various techniques and treatments to meet the aesthetic needs of people, is
also used in some cases in terms of health. Medical aesthetic applications
are applied through skin or subcutaneous injections without cutting the
tissues, applying anesthesia. Thanks to these applications, wrinkles on
the skin can be removed, a fuller structure can be obtained in certain parts of
the face, and the skin can be rejuvenated by removing the aging effects on the

Medical aesthetic applications, which are getting more and more attention day by day, are often
confused with other aesthetic applications. However, medical aesthetic
applications, as we mentioned before, are applied without cutting any tissue,
that is, they are non-surgical treatments.

Dermatherapy and Dermaroller

Dermatherapy is a medical aesthetic application based on the principle of
opening microchannels on the skin surface with the help of a device called
dermaroller, stimulating the stem cells under the skin and regenerating the
skin by penetrating the skin regenerative and nutritious substances sent from
these channels into the skin.


Filling is a technique applied to remove wrinkles on the skin
with the filling material injected under the skin, filling the hollow areas on
the skin, providing a fuller appearance in areas such as lips and cheeks.

It is especially used in the areas of nose edges, cavities in the corners of the mouth, lips,
cheekbones, nose shaping, chin and facial oval.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling is a medical aesthetic application that aims to create damage
to the skin in a controlled manner using chemical agents and to provide
treatment by supporting skin regeneration in the process that will start as a
result of this damage.

Skin Care

It is a care process applied by experts using professional
products. Skin care consists of peeling, mask, steam, comedones cleansing,
tonic, moisturizing and massage steps.

CGF Stem Cell Therapy is the

separation of a small amount of blood taken from the person in
the centrifuge, extracting a plasma rich in platelets and growth factors, and
then injecting this plasma into the skin to support skin rejuvenation and
tissue rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy (Face, Hair, Body)

Mesotherapy is a medical aesthetic method based on the principle
of applying special mixtures under the skin with the help of special injectors
in order to eliminate the signs of aging in the face, neck and hand area.

Youth and Moisture Vaccine In this method, hyaluronic acid applied under the skin provides a visible
reduction in fine wrinkles, and a moist and flexible skin is obtained. Moisture
vaccine is a highly preferred application with permanent results for up to 9

Salmon DNA The skin quality is increased by applying hyaluronic acid and
polynucleotides to the skin with the salmon DNA process, also known as pi
system, which can be applied in several sessions according to the skin needs,
and the effects of aging are eliminated.

Laser Epilation In this process, the laser light applied to the skin with millisecond shots is
concentrated only on the hair follicles and the roots are destroyed. Thus,
unwanted hair decreases and disappears over time.

Botolinum oxin Application

The muscles that allow us to make facial expressions can be
stretched after years of use and cause wrinkles. Botolinum toxin relaxes
these muscles and eliminates the appearance of wrinkles caused by the tensioned
muscles. It gives a more lively expression to the face. Recurrence of
these wrinkles is prevented with repeated sessions.

Sweating Treatment with Botolinum Toxin
Botolinum toxin is successfully used in the treatment of
excessive sweating disease called hyperhidrosis in medicine. Botolinum
toxin applied to areas where sweating is intense, blocks the nerves that go to
the sweat glands and temporarily prevent them from working. Its effect
lasts for 6 to 8 months.

With the Candela GentleLase Pro Laser System used in ourLaser
Spot Treatment Center, sun spots, freckles and age spots
can be effectively treated. In this procedure, which is applied together
with continuous epidermal cooling, a comfortable application is provided by
minimizing the feeling of pain.

Varicose Treatment (Sclerotherapy)

Varicose veins is a disease of the veins. It is the enlargement and
expansion of the vein for various reasons and it becomes unable to perform its
duty. Sclerotherapy, also known as needle treatment for varicose veins, is
based on the removal of the diseased vein by injecting medication into the

The Lumi Shape device used in our Regional Thinning and Cellulite Treatment Center
is one of the most important devices used in the treatment of regional thinning
and cellulite. Lumi Shape device contains 4 different
functions. These; Radiofrequency program, which can heat the tissue
deeply, is an infrared light program, a vacuum program that accelerates blood
circulation and increases the benefit of heat, and a program called mechanical massage. In
cellulite problem that needs to be treated with a multidisciplinary approach
rather than a single treatment, it is critical to make the lifestyle and
nutrition of the person healthy as well as medical devices.

Lymph Drainage In this process, which is applied by wearing a dress consisting of special
air-inflated compartments on the body, the air chambers of the dress are
automatically inflated and deflated by the device, respectively. This technique
is an intense massage technique applied from the tips of the feet to the waist
and even the neck area. Thanks to this massage, lymph circulation is

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method’

The most used hair transplant method in the world and Turkey with
the most successful results is the FUE method. In this method, hair
follicles that are resistant to spillage in the nape area are taken with
special micromotors and planted in the needed bald area. In our hair
transplant center, your transplantation is completed in one day, without any

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