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Neural therapy

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Neural therapy

What is neural therapy?

Neural therapy is regulation therapy using local
anesthetic agents.

The human body is an electrical body. Our entire
body is a network of up to 500,000 km in length. Tissues that can be
stimulated show the ability to create and transmit action potentials by
changing the electrical properties of cell membranes against any
stimulus. Nerve and muscle tissue are tissues that can be
stimulated. Two types of potentials are mentioned in the cell membranes:
rest and action potentials. While the resting potential is a potential
that occurs when the cells do not do any work, the ions are placed in different
distributions inside and outside the cell, the action potential is a series of
potential changes in the membrane as a result of the movement of some ions into
and out of the cell while the cells are active.

Tissues that can be stimulated generate the action
potential and transmit the electrical activity that occurs with this potential
change along their membranes. Only the conduction work of this electrical
activity that occurs in nerve cells is done.

When a cell in a resting state is stimulated by any
stimulus, in which the inside of the cell membrane is more negative than the
outside; The resting potential of the membrane changes within milliseconds
and reaches a positive value. This situation, in which the inside of the
membrane gains a more positive value than the outside, is called
depolarization. However, the membrane potential does not remain in this
state, but returns to its former resting potential in a very short
time. The return of membrane potential from depolarization to resting
potential is defined as repolarization. Action potential consists of
depolarization and repolarization.

A healthy cell has a resting potential of -40 to -90
mV. However, the resting potential of the diseased cell is low, so there
is no message. All local anesthetic agents hyperpolarize the cell with a
power of -290 mV to the cell action potential and reach -40 to -90 mV, that is,
the potential to transmit again; makes the cell work again. Thus, the
diseased cell turns into a healthy cell.

Neural therapy provides the stimulation and regulation of
the vegetative (autonomous) nervous system, which has a very large electrical
network in our body. With the injection of local anesthetic applied to
specific places in neural therapy, 3 circulations are regulated in the
body; Blood circulation, lymph circulation and neural
conduction. When the blood circulation in other words perfusion of a
tissue increases, that tissue is nourished; When lymph circulation
increases, tissue metabolites are cleansed and the tissue with increased nerve
transmission works more regularly. Therefore, the self-healing capacity of
the tissue that is fed, cleaned and regularly commanded increases.

The basic logic in neural therapy is
regulation; regulation. Therefore, its indications are the regulation
of an existing structure. An anatomical deficiency or a genetic disorder
picture does not constitute neural therapy indications.

This treatment method (Neural Therapy), which was found
in Germany in 1940 and widely used in Europe, is not only a permanent treatment
method, but also a preventive medicine method. Because the basic pathology
of all diseases, from cancer to simple pain, from a viral disease such as
influenza to allergy, is the same. Perfusion, lymphatic drainage and
innervation are impaired in all affected tissues or bodies. And neural
therapy is a very effective method used in the regulation of these systems,
both in combating diseases and maintaining healthy health (in preventive

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