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Non-Surgical Lumbar Hernia Treatment

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Non-Surgical Lumbar Hernia Treatment

patients for non-surgical treatment are those who have not benefited from
medication and physical therapy, but have not yet progressed to the level of
surgery. Injection therapy methods used in the Pain Management Unit
provide a rapid recovery, especially in patients with initial and moderate
hernia. The most common methods are facet joint, sacroiliac joint and
epidural area injections. Since the drugs are given directly to the area
that is the source of pain, a much higher level of improvement is achieved
compared to oral or intramuscular applications. With the procedures, the
tissue around the hernia is oxygenated, the edema dissipates, and the
circulation is relieved. The same treatment method is used for the
treatment of hernia originating from the back and neck. The injections are
mostly daily, and the patient can return to work the next day.

Non-Surgical Knee Calcification

in the cartilage structure of the knee or other joints due to excessive load on
the knee joint is known as calcification among the people. Damage causes
problems such as severe knee pain and inability to bend the knee. Tissue
can be relieved with various drugs and serums to be given into the knee in
patients who do not benefit from physical therapy or who are decided to have a
prosthesis but require pain treatment until surgery. Complete treatment in
mild cases may be possible to relieve the pain in advanced cases.

Common Body Pain, Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia, a typical example of widespread body pain, is a
chronic disease that usually occurs following a physical or mental trauma. It
manifests itself with symptoms such as general sensitivity in the body, pain in
muscles and joints, fatigue, sleep disorder, decreased mental functions,
forgetfulness. The life quality of the patient decreases, causing serious
problems in his work and private life. Although the exact cause of
fibromyalgia is unknown, it is accepted to be a low-intensity inflammation
triggered by stress in an environment with genetic predisposition. In the
treatment, besides the regulation of nutrition and exercise program, injection
treatments are applied especially for the areas where the complaints are most.

Headache Treatment

Headache is a health problem that all people experience at
least once in their lives. Although there may be many reasons, it is
roughly divided into two main groups as short-term ones (brain hemorrhage,
brain abscess, high blood pressure, stress …) and long-term ones (tension
headache, migraine, cluster headache, neck straightening …). The
algology unit provides treatment with specific injections to the muscles and
nerve structures in the head and neck region in headache patients who have been
present for at least 3 months, have not been diagnosed or have not responded to
drug treatments. With their treatments, the source of pain is eliminated
whenever possible, if definitive treatment is not possible, the number and
severity of pain attacks are increased and the patient’s quality of life is

Cancer Pain Treatment

cancer patients, pain may occur at some stage of the disease, and often the
thought of pain becomes a more important concern than the disease
itself. However, it is possible to control the pain in cancer patients
almost completely with the methods developed today. Pain in cancer can be
caused by reasons such as the destruction of the tissues, whether the blood
vessels are clogged, the metastasis tissues stretching the organs they are in
while trying to grow, bone fractures, inflammation, pressure on the
nerves. In the treatment, first of all, the cause is tried to be found and
eliminated. If the cause is not found, the patient’s complaint is taken
under control with relieving medication and injections. In cancer
patients, the Algology unit does not treat the disease itself, but studies pain
with the oncology team.

Chronic Wound Treatment

wounds can occur for different reasons such as bedsores, diabetic ulcers,
venous ulcers Contribution to wound treatment is made by examining the
properties of the wound, such as the infection status, whether it reaches the
bone, and the presence of gangrene. Within the scope of pain treatment, it
is ensured that the open wound is closed as soon as possible with applications
that will stimulate the circulation around the wound and reduce inflammation
and edema in order to protect healthy tissues and prevent the wound from
progressing to deep tissues.

Application Methods in Pain Treatments


with local anesthesia

heating (RF) procedures

placement procedures

treatments (Intravenous, subcutaneous, with serum, ear …)

procedures (treatments made with the patient’s own blood)

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