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Nutrition and diet clinic

Healthy nutrition controlled diet!

As the Nutrition and Diet Department of Avrasya Hospital,
services are provided on nutrition and individual-specific diet programs and
nutrition training in comprehensive diseases.

Today, in the prevention of many diseases, it is necessary to
determine the nutritional status of the patient during and after the disease
and to be followed up with personal, adequate and balanced nutrition programs.

Nutrition in diseases:

In our hospitals and outpatient clinics, studies are
carried out to plan nutritional treatments suitable for the diseases of all
patients who receive outpatient or inpatient services, to ensure that their
diets are regularly reached as long as they are hospitalized and that nutrition
training is done and followed up regularly.

Sports nutrition:

Sport is an activity that requires physical
performance. In order to maximize performance, it is important to have a
healthy, regular and high-quality diet along with regular
training. Nutrition and diet experts plan and follow up the sports branch
of the athlete, taking into account the results of body composition
measurement, personal characteristics and whether it is in the growth and development
period. It determines the nutritional needs of athletes both during
training periods and before and after the race and organizes the nutrition

Pregnant-nutritional nutrition:

Regular and healthy nutrition of the mother during
pregnancy and breastfeeding is important for the health of the baby and
mother. Not gaining excess weight during pregnancy and meeting all
nutritional needs of mother and baby in an adequate and balanced way eliminates
many risks. Supporting quality and sufficient milk production during
breastfeeding is very important for baby health. In addition, it will be
possible to control the weight of the mother during the breastfeeding period
with a healthy diet plan. Nutrition and Diet experts plan, train and
follow up the healthiest nutrition of mothers and expectant mothers during
these periods.

Diabetes nutrition:

Healthy nutrition constitutes the basis of diabetes
treatment. In order to prevent complications of diabetes, to continue the
treatment successfully and to increase the quality of life, special nutrition
treatment, training and follow-up are created by a nutrition and diet

Weight loss program:

Loss of body weight compared to height is called
underweight. Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing weight. In order
to gain weight, a randomly selected diet plan with high calories and low
nutritional value should not be applied. In order to reach a healthy
weight, an adequate and balanced nutritional treatment should be applied as in
obesity. For this, nutrition and diet experts plan and follow the
nutritional treatment in accordance with the health problems of the weak
person, body composition measurements, personal and physical characteristics.

Baby-child-adult nutrition:

In order to be healthy at all ages, it is necessary to
know the nutritional requirements of the current age. Specifying the
nutritional needs of each age group individually, changing the wrongly known
and applied nutritional habits, and following up by giving trainings for the
acquisition of correct nutritional habits.

Soot nutrition:

To plan a menu to ensure that patients, attendants and
employees of the institution have a healthy, adequate and balanced
diet. To follow up the practices by making suggestions to increase the
quality of the food and beverage service received.

Diet Polyclinic Services

Hypertension, High cholesterol and Hypercholesterolemia,

Diabetes, Obesity, Gout, Weakness

Ulcer, Reflux, Gastritis, Spastic colon, Gallbladder,
Dumping, Hepatic coma, Alcoholism, Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, Constipation,
Diarrhea, Celiac (Sin. Sis. Disease), Constipation.

Nutrition principles and healthy nutrition programs, body
composition analysis in all diseases such as acute and chronic renal failure,
Nephrotic syndrome, Kidney stones, Dialysis, Organ Transplantation – Nutrition
in Cancer, Neurological Diseases, Chest Diseases, Pregnancy and Lactation of
mothers. It is made using showing devices. With the help of these devices,
the body fat percentage, muscle mass and water ratios of our patients can be observed
more clearly and personalized diet programs are organized in this direction and
information about the general condition of the patient is obtained through
frequent controls.

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