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We provide professional support in Obesity Surgery.


Obesity Surgery

Obesity is rarely out of the news, often headlined as “The Modern Plague” and classified as an epidemic
in many countries. Obesity is defined as a condition where a person has
accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their
health; a person whose body weight is 20% higher than it should be is
considered obese.

Faced with this ever more challenging problem, Yeditepe
University Hospital offers a wide-ranging spectrum of treatments to help
patients suffering from what can be a debilitating and self-perpetuating
condition. While some cases may be addressed, at least initially, through
dietary regimes and counseling, other cases may require surgical intervention,
known as bariatric surgery.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s Obesity Center and International Patients

One of the modern world’s most severe health issues,
obesity is not only an esthetic issue but also affects the overall health and
quality of life of millions of people.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s Obesity Clinic caters for
international patients and their accompanying persons, offering the latest
techniques, advice, programs and surgery in liaison with international
patients’ medical professionals in their home countries.

Operating as a sub-unit of the General Surgery Center,
our Obesity Clinic uses laparoscopic methods to perform bariatric surgery that
is known as the “Permanent Weight Loss Method” as a result of significant body
weight loss. This method begins to show significant results after 6 months, and
takes up to 18 months in total.

With the additional support and consultation of psychologists and dieticians,
this can give our international weight loss surgery patients a whole new life
of good health and activity.

Patients who seek information on obesity from public
sources are exposed to information overload and sometimes misinformation.

Accurate and updated information can only really be
obtained from fully equipped centers such as the Yeditepe University Hospital
Obesity Clinic that specialize in obesity surgery.

Successful obesity surgery cannot only be defined as a
certain degree of weight loss over a short period of time. It must also be
medically acceptable and proven, and maintain the weight loss in the long term
with minimum side effects or complications.

The Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions Obesity
Clinic caters for international patients, their families and accompanying
persons, offering the latest techniques, advice, programs and surgery in
liaison with international patients’ healthcare providers and professionals in
their home countries.

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions Multidisciplinary Approach

Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions brings
together a wide array of surgical branches as part of our multidisciplinary
approach to all health and obesity issues. Thus, our Obesity Surgery Unit is
fully integrated into other fields of specialization including the
Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, Exercise and
Nutritional Physiology, Dietetics and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
International patients are offered the services of other Centers as and when

At the Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions Center of Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery we offer
international patients a comprehensive program designed to help them lose
significant weight, keep it off, and improve their health and well-being over
the long term.

International patients are provided with a dedicated Recovery Specialist throughout their stay at the
Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions, who will assist the patent and
their accompanying persons in all aspects of their treatment, including liaison
with healthcare professionals in their home country.

The Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions
program includes

Extensive pre-operative evaluation and preparation

Psychological evaluation

Pre and post-op behavior modification program run by our
psychologist, dietician, in weekly support groups

Personal trainer diet counseling with our registered dietician

Lifelong follow up and liaison with the patient’s
healthcare providers in their home countries

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About Us

Yeditepe University Hospitals have been serving since 26 August 2005 , with their infrastructure equipped with superior technology and smart systems . It carries out important studies to train new and successful physicians with its staff consisting of professors and associate professors who have many success in national and international fields. At the basis of the vision of Yeditepe University Hospitals is to represent Turkey in the international arena and to bring our country to a leading position in the medical world.

Yeditepe University Hospitals Imaging Unit ‘ n Located Multi-slice CT (multislice computed tomography), 3 Tesla MRI, PET-CT (cancerous tissues that detects, scans) and Gamma Camera, which provides diagnostic and greater ease of treatment are some of the devices with advanced technology in the world.

In Yeditepe University Hospitals, where computer technology is used very effectively, Hospital Information System (HIS) software is used. This software enables both patient information to be collected and processed quickly and used in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the presentation and storage of patient information such as imaging and laboratory results in a computer environment. With this system, our doctors can monitor their patients electronically while they are out of the hospital. In addition, this system minimizes paper circulation and bureaucracy, and eliminates time wasted by patients and their relatives.

Documented Quality

Yeditepe University Hospitals and Affiliated Institutions were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) , which is recognized as the most important institution in the world in terms of health standards, on November 2, 2007 , with its entire system in the first audit, with all standards. In other words, it became the first Turkish university hospital group to document its quality and success at an international level. 

Yeditepe University Hospital and Affiliated Institutions, which has been registered to serve at world standards with this quality certificate given to the most distinguished health institutions of the world, is determined to walk to the future with greater success, based on pioneering and leadership principles. Yeditepe University Hospitals were accredited by JCI for the fourth time in 2017 , proving that their quality is sustainable.

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Yeditepe University Hospitals provide services to their patients in all branches; has an international reputation in the field of neurosurgery ( neurosurgery ).  It is one of the leading institutions of the health sector with its bone marrow transplant , kidney transplant , obesity surgery ,  epilepsy and epilepsy surgery , cardiology , cardiovascular surgery , urology , general surgery , high level  genetic diagnosis center laboratory and many branches of pediatric diseases .

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