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Ozone therapy

Immune Enhancing Natural Doping

Ozone therapy, which has been successfully applied all over the world for nearly 100
years, is a natural, healthy, safe and effective complementary medicine
treatment that strengthens our immunity. Ozone, a gas in the atmosphere,
is used in the ozone therapy practice, which has been very popular both in
Europe and in our country in recent years. Blood cells cleaned with ozone; It
protects the body from all diseases, especially influenza and other viral
ailments, by rejuvenating the metabolism and playing an immune-boosting role.

Ozone has
been widely used for many years in the field of medicine, in the disinfection
of equipment, as well as in water and foodstuffs, since it does not have any side
effects on human health and has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

How is ozone therapy done?

So, how is ozone therapy performed, which strengthens immunity, accelerates blood
circulation and ensures the regeneration of all tissues by increasing the
oxygen level in the body? In the application of ozone therapy, 100-150 cc
(1 water glass) blood is taken from the body. Ozone is given into the
blood taken. Blood is fermented with ozone and injected back into the
body. This procedure, which should be performed in a completely sterile
clinical environment, is as simple and painless as blood donation, and is
completed in 15-20 minutes.

In order for the ozone treatment to show the expected effect and achieve the targeted
results, it is recommended to apply as a 10-session (5-week) cure, twice a
week, every year. Ozone therapy, which can increase the oxygen rate in the
blood up to 100% (there is approximately 21% oxygen in the air we breathe.),
Begins to show its effect from the 3rd session. The ozone that enters the
blood reacts with substances that make up red and white blood cells; By
increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood and regulating circulation, it
ensures that more oxygen is delivered to the tissues. This interaction
accelerates metabolism and creates a natural doping effect that strengthens the
immune system in the body. The benefits of ozone therapy, which has no
side effects in terms of health, are not limited to this. With its
antibacterial and antioxidant properties, ozone gas It also destroys
inflammation and fungi. Thus, while the body is purified from toxic
substances, viruses and bacteria, on the other hand, it is rejuvenated by
renewing itself with high oxygen.

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

The benefits of ozone therapy, which is used as a complementary treatment in many cases from
skin diseases to infectious diseases and is one of the leading preventive
medicine applications, can be listed as follows:

It strengthens the immune system.

It increases the metabolic rate.

Provides Anti-Aging effect.

Provides detox effect.

It accelerates the blood circulation.

It creates a pain relieving effect.

Anti-Carcinogenic effect

It improves the quality of life.

It is effective against the decrease in sexual
performance that can be seen especially after the age of 40 in men. A
serious increase in performance is observed after Ozone Therapy.

Since it provides hormonal balance in women, it helps
them to overcome the menopause much more comfortably.

It reduces the risk of heart attack due to its blood
thinning effect.

It is beneficial in stress-induced diabetes.

It is a supportive treatment for weight loss as it
accelerates metabolism.

Can ozone therapy be applied to everyone?

Ozone therapy; It can be applied to anyone except hyperthyroid patients, those
with broad bean allergy and those who have had an acute infarction (heart
attack) in the last 6 months. The dose of ozone in the application that
should be carried out in the clinical environment and under the supervision of
a doctor; It is determined by the physician according to the type of
illness, the needs of the patient and the targeted treatment.

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