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Pediatric surgery

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Pediatric surgery

What is Pediatric Surgery?

It is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis
of diseases that require surgical intervention in children from birth to the
age of 18, pre-operative, operative and postoperative periods.

Major diseases treated in pediatric surgery

1- Congenital disorders

Obstruction of the esophagus-stomach outlet-small or large intestines

Esophageal atresia

Duodenal atresia

Jejunoileal atresia

Colonic atresia

Pyloric Stenosis

Intestines outside of the abdomen-

Gastroschisis, Omphalocele

Intestines in the chest-

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Urinary bladder outside the body – Ekstrophy Vezika

The breech is obstructed or not in its normal place-

Anal Atresia, Anterior Ectopic Anus, Vestibular anus

Sixth finger on the foot or hand –  Polydactyly

2- Constipation and false constipation

3-  All intra-abdominal inflammation , especially
appendicitis , with symptoms such as abdominal pain , high
fever, nausea and vomiting. 

4- Intestinal knotting- Invagination

5- Inguinal and umbilical hernia- Inguinal Hernia, umbilical hernia 

6- One or both testicles not descending into the bag-  Undescended testicle

7- Water-filled cysts seen in the bag and groin containing the testicle-  Hydrocele, Cord cyst

8- Pain, redness, swelling in the bag-  Orchioepididymitis

Testicular Torsion, Appendix testicular torsion, epididymis cyst

9- Tongue ligament-  Sublingual frenulum

10-  Labial Fusion:  Adherence to the hymen

11- Curreous conditions caused by the late fall of
the navel,  Umbilical Granuloma, Omphalomesenteric canal residue,
Uracal Cyst, Umblical Polyp 

12- Incontinence, bloody poop

13- Inability to urinate or incontinence

14- Urinary hole above or below the penis-  Hypospadias, Epispadias 

15- Curvature of the penis –  Penile Curvature, torsion

16- Adherence of the foreskin-  Phimosis

17- Rectal  stenosis- Anal stenosis

18- Renal and urinary tract diseases or stones causing
recurrent urinary tract infections

19- Neck curvature-  Torticollis

20- Occasional painful or painless flowing swelling in the neck –  Branchal
Cyst, Thyroglossal Cyst, Lymphadenitis

21-  Benign tumors in the head, neck and
almost every part of the body in the form of red moles or commonly seen  hemangiomas ,  Lymphangioma,
Cystic Hygroma

22- Childhood tumors that may occur with a mass,
especially organs such as liver, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach,
intestines and bladder. 

Wilms tumor



Liver tumors

Intestinal tumors 

23- Liver and lung  cyst due to parasites

24- Ovarian cysts and masses in girls 

25- Situations such as traffic accident inside or outside the
vehicle, falling from height, crashing, gun injury and the like

26-Esophageal and stomach burns due to drinking bleach, oil
solvent, etc.

27- Swallowing metals such as money, needles, clock
batteries   and their  stuck in the esophagus or

28- Leaks from the stomach to the esophagus:  reflux

29- Gallbladder inflammation and stones

30- Intestinal duplication

31- Omentum cyst

32- Mesenteric Cyst

33- Meckel Diverticulitis

34- Pneumothorax

35- Stomach Perforation

36- Intestinal perforation

37- Gastrostomy

38- Breast disorders and masses in boys and girls

39- Ingrown toenails- Calluses

40- Skin cuts, soft tissue injuries

41- Foreign body in the standing, hand and other soft tissues

42. Perianal Abscess

43- Perianal Fistula

44- Rectal Prolapse

45- Bladder Function Disorders

46- Malrotation

47- Meconium Diseases

48- Ileostomy- Problems with colostomy

49- Necrotizing Enterocolitis

50- Congenital Disorders of the Biliary Tract

51- Pancreatic masses

52- Paraphimosis (foreskin squeezing the tip of the penis)

53- Itihab of the foreskin- Balanitis

54- Congenital and acquired pathologies of the kidney

55- Masses in the chest cavity

Pulmonary Sequestration

Cystic Adenomatoid Masses

Bronchogenic Cysts etc.

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