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Physical treatment and rehabilitation

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We provide professional support in Physical treatment and rehabilitation.


Physical treatment and rehabilitation

Neck and lumbar hernias, arthritis, rheumatic diseases, bone
resorption, spinal curvatures such as scoliosis, sports injuries, polio, back –
waist – neck pains and so on. It is a branch of medicine in which physical
agents (hot, cold applications, electric currents, radiation, mechanical
applications and exercise) are used in the treatment of diseases. Physical
therapy science is a specialty that treats diseases or pains that affect the
motor functions of the patient’s body by providing rehabilitation
(reinstatement) of the patient. For this reason, it is referred to as physical
therapy and rehabilitation science. The aim of physical therapy science is
to reduce the pain of the patient, to make the patient independent in his
activities and to increase the quality of life.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is therapies that aim to regain lost movement
functions that occur congenitally or later due to various reasons (genetic,
orthopedic, vascular origin or neurological diseases).

Physical Therapy Techniques to be Applied

-Cold application,

-Surface heat (infrared, HP, paraffin,),

Deep heat (ultrasound, shortwave diathermy, radar),

-Electrotherapy (tens, electrostimulation, vacuum-interference, diadynamic, galvanic-faradic current)

Mechanotherapy (vacuum, mobilization and manipulation, traction)

– Therapeutic exercise applications

Depending on the diagnosis and the period of the disease, a combination of treatment is performed by the
physical therapy specialist.

What are the aims of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?
– reducing pain,

– loosening the muscles,

– Circulation is affected positively,

– Relieving inflammation,

– restoration of functions; increasing movement, strengthening muscles and ensuring coordination,

– Reducing the need for medication,

– Prevention and correction of posture disorders

In Which Diseases Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Is Applied?

1. Spine diseases such as herniated disc, neck hernia
2. Arthritis, rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis
3. Before and after surgery in diseases such as shoulder stroke, meniscus
injuries, anterior cruciate ligament injuries
. After sports injuries (for returning to early and safe sports)
5. Rehabilitation of neurological diseases (stroke, spinal cord paralysis,
cerebral palsy, etc.)
6. Pediatric diseases with loss of function and pain (pediatric rehabilitation)
7. Congenital or acquired joint and bone disorders
8. Rehabilitation after burns
9. Rehabilitation in the elderly

Who Is Physical Therapy Applied For

Those who suffer from pain and dysfunction in the spine areas
such as arm, leg, shoulder, elbow, foot and wrist joints, shoulders, waist,
back, neck due to various reasons, those who are not in active period of
inflammatory rheumatic diseases, some surgery, primarily orthopedic surgeries.
Physical therapy is applied to those who have muscle weakness, stiffness in
their joints, and functional limitations after operations. In addition,
physical therapy can be applied to those who develop complete or partial
paralysis in the trunk, arms and legs as a result of brain or nerve damage, and
those who have swelling in their arms and legs as a result of impaired lymph
circulation outside the movement system.

Physical Therapy is not applied to whom

It is inconvenient to apply on active periods of inflammatory rheumatic diseases
(when joints are swollen, hot and painful), vascular occlusions, varicose
veins, those with pacemakers, open wounds and inflamed and cancerous areas.

What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices?
-Reduction and relief of pain and weakness,

-Increased functions,

Side effects are very rare and when they occur, they are mild and temporary,

In many cases, preventing unnecessary medical and surgical treatments,

Providing effective treatment for many other diseases
that cannot be treated with medication and surgery,

– Prevents diseases from becoming chronic andprogressing,

-It increases the quality of life.

What are the Possible Risks and Side Effects of
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Practices?

-Side effects and risks are very low. However, although rare, undesirable
effects such as skin rashes and tenderness can be seen.

– Much rarer important risks are skin burns, heart rhythm
disturbances, skin hypersensitivity, blood pressure changes, muscle-tendon
damage-rupture during joint restrictions, electric shock.

– In order to minimize the incidence of these conditions,
you should give detailed information to your doctor about your medical
condition before the application.

What is orthopedic rehabilitation?

In diseases such as fractures, dislocations, ligament and
ligament injuries, meniscus and ligament tears, surgery, splinting such as
plaster or splint are performed according to the condition of the disease.
Afterwards, the implementation of physical therapy and rehabilitation programs
is very important in terms of restoring the patient’s normal activity level as
soon as possible .

Recovery is not just the pain or the healing of the fracture. There may be some negative changes
(such as muscle weakness, stiffness in the ligament and capsule) in the joint
and surrounding tissues that remain immobile for a long time due to surgery,
plaster cast or splint. Physical therapy rehabilitation practices eliminate
these negative situations and enable the person to return to their normal life
as soon as possible and protect them from new injuries.

What is rehabilitation before surgery?

Recently, emphasis has been placed on pre-op (preoperative)
rehabilitation. In patients undergoing pre-op rehabilitation, the success
of the operation increases and the negative situations that may occur after the
surgery are minimized.It is known that surgical treatment is more successful
when problems such as pain, temperature increase, swelling, limitation of
movement, muscle weakness occurring in the injured area after injury are
reduced. Therefore, preoperative rehabilitation becomes more and more
important day by day.

In addition, by taking precautions, problems that may develop after surgery can be kept to a minimum. For
example, muscle weakening will occur after many operations such as anterior
cruciate ligament repair and shoulder surgeries. By strengthening the
muscles before the surgery, it will be possible to keep this weakness to a
minimum. Training on how to cope with the difficulties that may be
encountered in the postoperative recovery period is also an integral part of
preoperative rehabilitation. For example, using crutches, walking
training, using the operated limb, putting on and taking off clothes, etc.

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