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PRP Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) means platelet rich plasma. The
platelets responsible for blood clotting, when activated, heal and renew
tissues by releasing healing proteins, cytokines, known as growth factors. Platelets
used in PRP treatment are separated from the sample taken from the patient’s
own blood by centrifugation at high speed and injected into the injured area as
serum. The injected liquid contains high concentrations of platelets and
growth factors. While there are 150,000-400,000 platelets in 1 milliliter
of normal blood, this number increases to over 1,000,000 in PRP. Since
platelets also activate silent local stem cells, plasma fluid acts like a
natural medicine. It accelerates the healing of structures such as tendon
cartilage where injury and damage occur.

Treatment should be applied by experts

PRP treatment includes shoulder pain, tennis elbow,
golfer’s elbow, muscle tears, Achilles tendon injuries, anterior cruciate
ligament injuries; It is used in the treatment of muscle strains known as
knee, shoulder, hip joint calcification, kneecap tendinitis, ankle sprains,
heel spurs and joint pain. The application of PRP is as follows; After
an average of 20 cc (8-40 cc) of the patient’s own blood is taken in a sterile
environment, the thrombocytes are separated from the other shaped elements of
the blood with special procedures for about 30 minutes, and these elements are
activated and their efficiency is increased with the photoactivation device
available in our institution. This liquid is injected into the area to be
applied. The quality of PRP depends on the viability of the platelets. Therefore,
PRP should be prepared by an expert team and applied within 10 minutes. Thrombocytes
must be able to survive in the preparation process of PRP, otherwise; platelets
that have lost their vitality cannot be activated. Likewise, if the PRP is
not properly prepared, platelets are activated early and growth factors may be
lost in preparation.


The patient should be reassessed 3 weeks after the first
injection. Usually, up to 3 injections can be administered within a
6-month period, 7-10 days apart. Physical therapy can be continued to
accelerate tissue healing after the procedure. Preferably, there should be
1 week in between. Most patients experience improvement after the first
injection. In many scientific studies, the success rate has been shown to
be 80-85%. Some patients have a partial recovery, while in some cases
complete recovery has been shown. Since the procedure is not like a drug,
patients are protected from drug side effects. When the method is performed
following orthopedic surgery, the patient’s pain, risk of infection, and
hospital stay are reduced. The procedure gives the patient the feeling of
a simple injection and does not prevent the continuation of his daily life.

Photo activation

Due to the elements that are not activated immediately in
the implanted PRP, which are naturally activated after 24-48 hours, patients
generally suffer from pain related to this. Photo activation is the
exposure of the PRP liquid to a special wavelength monochromatic beam for a
certain period of time (generally 10 minutes) and at a certain temperature
(generally 37 ° C). In this way, the patient’s feeling of pain after the
application is reduced and PRP effectiveness / tissue healing begins early. Unfortunately,
since many centers do not have photo activators, this process is never
mentioned and passed.

Is PRP a stem cell?

PRP treatment is not directly stem cell, but is the
preparation of cellular therapies using blood. It contains a small amount
of bone marrow derived stem cells. The main mechanism in PRP treatment is
that the tissue triggers the repair process by conveying to our brain that there
is bleeding in the applied area and guiding the stem cells to reach the injured
tissue. The main difference of PRP from stem cell application is that
thrombocyte and growth factors are not capable of transforming into another
tissue. Therefore, it is wrong to introduce PRP as a stem cell.

Side effects

In the PRP method, there are no serious side effects due
to the preparation of the person’s own blood (autologous). It can only
cause temporary pain, burning, bruising and swelling in the area where it is
applied. This effect passes within 1-2 days. Although very rare,
there may be infection in cases where sterilization cannot be achieved.

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Asya Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center was established in 2007 with the partnership of 4 physicians who are physiotherapy and orthopedists. Due to the fact that the founders are closely involved in physical therapy and rehabilitation, all treatment practices and the approach to the patient have been shaped by our founders and the present quality level has been reached.

Our Principles: To treat our patients at a high level by using all the means reached by medicine and we can have; maximizing patient satisfaction; to respect patients’ rights; pay attention to hygiene; We can summarize that our patients can improve their quality of life and return to normal life as soon as possible.

Our Mission: To provide high quality health services to patients from all segments of the society, to serve our country by creating job opportunities in the health sector, to ensure the continuous development of our staff and to work happily.

Our location: We are located on the main road at a distance of 500-1000 meters from Pendik coastal road and e5 and we have parking facilities.

Our Staff: We have a total of 36 employees with 3 full-day physiotherapists and 5 full-day physiotherapists.

Our capacity: We have a daily capacity of 150 examinations, 300 physical therapy and 40 rehabilitation.

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