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What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is the application
of plasma containing blood cells, which we call platelets or platelets, by
subcutaneous injection method in skin and scalp treatments.

Platelets, which we expect to benefit from PRP treatments,
are loaded with reparative substances and play a leading role in tissue repair. To
exemplify this, in the event of an injury, platelets collect in the wound area
and leave the healing factors, especially growth factor, to the environment,
and allow the stem cells to direct to the region. We use these reparative
substances in Skin and Hair Loss Treatments for the same purpose.

When exposed to certain conditions that negatively affect
metabolism such as environmental factors, genetic factors, aging, stressful
life, smoking and alcohol use, cell renewal slows down or stops completely. In
such cases, hair loss, skin sagging and staining, body cracks may occur. Although
they are formed due to different factors, recovery is not observed due to the
slowness of the person’s cell renewal. If the reparative platelets cannot
reach the problem area with blood circulation, the logic to be followed is
actually quite simple. Since these cells are present in our blood, all we
have to do is to separate the platelets from the blood and transfer them to the
problem area.

How long is the PRP process?

It is possible to say that the procedure, which takes
place in the form of the use of local anesthetic cream, blood collection, blood
centrifugation, application of the disinfection of the damaged area and
cleaning the application area, will be completed in an average of 30-45
minutes. After the procedure, there is no situation that may affect social
life and cause problems in continuing your daily life.

Is PRP Treatment Painful?

In PRP applications, an average of 20 minutes to the area
to be treated. Beforehand, a local anesthetic situation is provided by
using anesthetic creams. In this way, there is no serious problem in terms
of patient comfort during the procedure applied with monotherapy and nape

Can PRP Treatment Show Allergic Reaction?

PRP application is an application. In other words,
it is not possible to give any foreign substance from outside. Since the
growth factors for the purpose of treatment are separated from the person’s own
blood in the application, no reaction occurs in the application of the person

How is PRP Substance Obtained?

A small amount of blood like 10cc taken from the person
is placed in the centrifuge device in the tube. The task of the centrifuge
device is to separate PRP and PPP plasmas, which are important to us. Centrifuged
for 8 minutes at 3000 rpm, the blood is separated. As a result of this
separation, the blood cells taken from the centrifuge are applied to the
damaged area by the physician using mesotherapy and napaj methods.

How is PRP Applied?

PRP is obtained by placing a small amount of blood, such
as 10cc, taken from the person into the centrifuge device. The centrifuge
device is a device that works at high speed and rotation, the function of which
is to separate the blood. The materials obtained at the end of this
separation are Rich in Platelets and have a structure that will eliminate skin
disorders. Since these materials are taken from the person’s own blood, it
certainly does not pose any allergic problems. The obtained PRP and PPP
materials are injected to the person by nap age and monotherapy methods. Regeneration
effects are seen with the first session.

Are there any side effects of PRP?

In PRP method applications, less redness occurs on the
skin compared to other treatment methods. After this treatment session,
the person returns to his normal life in a very short time. The rashes
occur in normal skin in the first half hour. If the person’s skin is sensitive
and his skin is thin, these side effects may take a little longer for that

For example, 1 hour. With a visible positive effect,
the temporary damage to the skin will heal up to 3 days. Are there certain
areas of the treatment with the PRP method that can be applied in terms of
stretch marks? Or Can It Be Applied To Cracks In The Whole Body?

The PRP Method can be easily applied to all cracks in the
body. There is no problem. Since it is an application made from the
person’s own blood, no complications develop, so the PRP method is a very
reliable application.

PRP crack and spot treatments

It is observed that the PRP method is good for many
lesions on the skin, namely signs of aging and acne, deep wounds and blemish
marks, birthmarks and knee sagging, all kinds of disorders and cracks in the

As we mentioned above, we can clearly say that the benefits
of PRP are also good for cracks in applications. Due to damage to the
body, for example; It is possible to affect striae formed after overweight
or postpartum, and tiny cracks formed under the skin due to aging by
penetrating under the skin with the PRP Method.

After these applications, it is possible to see that the
lesions on the skin have decreased and disappear over time during the
treatment. Even during the situation when it is not possible to completely
get rid of this problem with this treatment method, there is a serious decrease
in complaints, visible relief on the skin, an extremely healthy appearance and
a shine on the skin. Growth factors, which we call growth factors, are the
basis of this process.

These are the problems on the surface of the skin that
usually occur due to some environmental factors and we feel uncomfortable in
terms of appearance. PRP Method is used as a preventive treatment in skin
spots where sun rays, air pollution, pregnancy, birth control pills and smoking
play the leading role.

In other words, people who think that there is a problem of
staining on the surface of the skin or who notice the pioneering effects of
these spots can take a step to prevent blemishes by using the regenerative and
structuring feature of PRP Treatment. These brown formations that appear on the
skin surface may be superficial or deeper. In general, it would be more
appropriate to consider PRP treatment, which is combined with different methods
in the care of skin spots, as a side treatment rather than the main treatment. Let’s
explain this by explaining the mechanism of PRP.

PRP is a material created from one’s own blood in terms of
its content and we call it Platelet Rich Plasma. In this material, there
are regenerative and constructive growth factors (growth factors) that the skin
always needs. These growth factors are used to strengthen the skin that
cannot protect itself and therefore has blemishes.

In this way, a forward-looking treatment mechanism is
provided while dealing with existing problems. The defense system is high
and a strong skin structure that does not allow staining is formed. Methods
such as chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, monotherapy, IPL laser treatment
are used as the main treatment after clarifying the issues such as the
formation process of skin spots, skin characteristics, density and color of the
spots. PRP treatment can also be added to the main treatment to accelerate
the process and recover more quickly. 

PRP hair application

There are certain reasons for hair loss and other
disorders in the scalp. Before moving on to these reasons, it is necessary
to examine how healthy hair follicles are formed and some fundamentals of PRP

In order to ensure the continuity of a healthy hair
follicle, it is necessary to feed with the right ingredients and in sufficient
amounts. The capillaries that nourish the hair follicles carry the
structuring substances needed by the blood circulation to the hair
follicles. Today, unfortunately, there are many factors that can prevent
the nourishment that hair follicles need. We can separate these into
personal and environmental factors. While the main personal factors are
genetic factors, circulatory disorders and aging, environmental factors can be
evaluated in subjects such as smoking, unbalanced diet, and cosmetic products

PRP Hair Treatment is based on the principle of
eliminating the problems such as hair loss, oiling, dandruff caused by these
negative conditions by transferring the reparative substances present in the
person’s own blood to the hairy area. These reparative and structuring
materials, which we call growth factor (growth factor) in the blood, are
separated and injected into the scalp with mesotherapy and napaj method.

Number of PRP Hair Treatment Sessions

It is the most important issue to determine the needs of
the person in this type of treatment. Application site, age of the person,
how long they have had the problem, etc. A treatment program should be
created by the physician with many factors. However, in general, we can
say that the treatment is applied around 3-6 sessions on average. In some
cases, a single-session strengthening application may be recommended as a
continuation (maintenance) treatment 6-8 months after the procedure. Clarification
of this information is only possible after the examination.

Skin renewal with PRP

PRP Skin Treatments are applied on the face, neck and
décolleté areas. It is frequently used in the treatment of formations such
as sagging, spotting, wrinkles under the eyes. It can also be used for
acne scars, underarm and leg wrinkles, cracks and wrinkles in the hand area.


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