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We provide professional support in Psychology.



The Yeditepe University Hospital Department of Psychology
bases its approach on a holistic perspective. This holistic approach
incorporates both body and mind. It is widely recognized that physical problems
can benefit from psychological support just as much as mental difficulties.
That is why our team, composed of specialist clinical psychologists and experts
in various specialties, supports other units at the Yeditepe University
Hospital in individual and group programs. We are advancing medical treatment
with evidence-based psychological support programs.

Adult Psychotherapy

As the Yeditepe University Hospital Psychology Department
we offer both short- and long-term adult psychotherapy services provided by
specialist clinical psychologists. Our specialists in adult psychology listen
to you and develop a treatment plan in line with your needs.

Common psychological complaints

Anxiety Disorders: Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder
and Agoraphobia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress


Bipolar Disorder

Somatoform Disorders

Eating Disorders

Adjustment Disorders

Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology

We offer psychotherapy services to children, adolescents
and their families in line with recognition / evaluation studies of the
individual emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties. Amongst the
psychotherapy provided are play therapy, individual therapies (psychodynamic
and cognitive-behavioral-oriented), group therapy, and child / youth focused
familytherapy. In addition, we work hand in hand with the department of child –
adolescent psychiatry when this is required and beneficial. Our adult
psychology also provides individual and couples therapy to parents.

The most common psychological problems dealt with at our department are as follows:

Fear, Phobias and Concerns

Potty Training


Family conflict / communication problems within the family

Disciplinary problems

School problems

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disorders

Behavioral Problems

The process of divorce

Pediatric and Adolescent Psychology

One of the most critical issues in mental health is
healthy family relations. Family or couples therapy aims to make a difference
and strengthen relations within the family.

Family therapy deals with couples’ relationship issues, intergenerational problems, behavioral problems
in children, sibling problems, and chronic disease situations. When required,
the unit also provides child-focused family therapy to parents. Family therapy
is carried out at the Yeditepe University Hospital by specially trained

Medical Treatment-Integrated Psychological Support

We offer Psychological Support Programs integrated into
ongoing medical treatment as a way of reviewing the lifestyle habits and
choices that may underlie a patient’s physical condition. This supports a
process of raising awareness based on patients’ thought – feeling – behavior
cycles to encourage conscious choices for a healthy life. Individualized
applications are employed to help patients make progress, increase treatment
motivation and protect patient wellbeing.

Medical fields and conditions supported by the
Psychology Department include:

Psycho-Oncology (the psychological aspect of cancer)

In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Children’s Health and Diseases

Gynecology / adolescent gynecology

Obesity and Eating Disorders

Dermatological Problems

Chronic Pain

Neurological Problems

Sleep Problems

Cardiologic Problems

Group Psychotherapy

Yeditepe University Hospital Psychology Department works
within a framework of interactive groups, sharing groups and educational
groups. The aim is to provide participants with the highest level of support in
a group environment.

Awareness and Psycho-education Meetings

These are brief gatherings held by the Psychology
Department aiming to respond practically to the most commonly encountered
issues in day to day life. Examples of subjects that are covered include:


Managing mental tension

Understanding our bodies

Adolescence and family relations


Our team believes that mental and physical health are two
halves of an inseparable whole. Therefore, we attach great importance to the
provision of the most suitable psychological support for patients diagnosed
with cancer and their families during and after the treatment period.

Cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
therapy are psychologically, socially and physically challenging processes.
This can lead to psychological difficulties such as anxiety disorders,
depressive feelings, adjustment problems, and changes in personality traits.
Our psychologists work within a framework of specialized psycho-oncology in
order to give patients and their families’ mental, emotional and functional
support during a critical period, aiming to improve their quality of life.

That is why our first discussion with patients at
Yeditepe University Hospital who are going to receive treatment at our
department aims firstly to understand them, to evaluate their condition
together, and to choose the best support program for their individual situation
and needs. This can incorporate individual psychotherapy, family support or
group support. Studies show that the provision of psychological support to
cancer patients and their families serves to make the treatment process
significantly more comfortable and relaxed. That is why we stand side by side
with our cancer patients all the way, not just in terms of medical treatment
but also from the psychological perspective.


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About Us

Yeditepe University Hospitals have been serving since 26 August 2005 , with their infrastructure equipped with superior technology and smart systems . It carries out important studies to train new and successful physicians with its staff consisting of professors and associate professors who have many success in national and international fields. At the basis of the vision of Yeditepe University Hospitals is to represent Turkey in the international arena and to bring our country to a leading position in the medical world.

Yeditepe University Hospitals Imaging Unit ‘ n Located Multi-slice CT (multislice computed tomography), 3 Tesla MRI, PET-CT (cancerous tissues that detects, scans) and Gamma Camera, which provides diagnostic and greater ease of treatment are some of the devices with advanced technology in the world.

In Yeditepe University Hospitals, where computer technology is used very effectively, Hospital Information System (HIS) software is used. This software enables both patient information to be collected and processed quickly and used in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the presentation and storage of patient information such as imaging and laboratory results in a computer environment. With this system, our doctors can monitor their patients electronically while they are out of the hospital. In addition, this system minimizes paper circulation and bureaucracy, and eliminates time wasted by patients and their relatives.

Documented Quality

Yeditepe University Hospitals and Affiliated Institutions were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) , which is recognized as the most important institution in the world in terms of health standards, on November 2, 2007 , with its entire system in the first audit, with all standards. In other words, it became the first Turkish university hospital group to document its quality and success at an international level. 

Yeditepe University Hospital and Affiliated Institutions, which has been registered to serve at world standards with this quality certificate given to the most distinguished health institutions of the world, is determined to walk to the future with greater success, based on pioneering and leadership principles. Yeditepe University Hospitals were accredited by JCI for the fourth time in 2017 , proving that their quality is sustainable.

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Yeditepe University Hospitals provide services to their patients in all branches; has an international reputation in the field of neurosurgery ( neurosurgery ).  It is one of the leading institutions of the health sector with its bone marrow transplant , kidney transplant , obesity surgery ,  epilepsy and epilepsy surgery , cardiology , cardiovascular surgery , urology , general surgery , high level  genetic diagnosis center laboratory and many branches of pediatric diseases .

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