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We provide professional support in Psychology.

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For all age groups… Customized programs to improve life
skills and mental skills. Depression score, anxiety score, classical
intelligence score is measured. The ‘Personality Profile’ of the client is
created. Case studies brought by people are evaluated.

Self-recognition and awareness

Taking emotions into account without putting
emotions forward. According to the initial screening results, enabling the
person to recognize himself, his feelings, thoughts and behaviors will cause
him to gain insight, as well as recognize and shape his interests, abilities
and values. Personality test is evaluated so that it can learn its
strengths and weaknesses. Awareness of the personality traits that can and
cannot be changed is studied.

Recognition and empathy of others

Various group therapies such as psychodrama
and art therapies are applied according to the needs of the person. How
the child, youth and adults perceive their environment, people around them,
events, approaches and processes; It is aimed to determine and define his
/ her expectations, to develop realistic expectations for himself / herself and
his / her environment, to understand the perspective of the other person, to
develop sensitivity towards the feelings of others, and to develop the skills
to understand others better.

Motivation and planning the future

The ability of the person to mobilize himself to achieve
his goals, to develop the balance of rights and responsibilities, to focus on
the goal, to focus his attention on the goal, to act less impulsively, to be
able to develop more self-control, to develop goal-oriented strategies, to
realize the values ​​that
are important to them, by making abstract and concrete goal distinction. It is
aimed to gain the skills of determining their own future plans and determining
the steps of making healthy decisions about their future.

Problem-solving skills

Various group therapies such as psychodrama
and art therapies are applied according to the needs of the person. By
identifying stressful situations, developing strategies for their solutions,
studying relaxation methods, positive and negative thinking, developing the
ability to analyze and understand social relationships, developing positive
peer relationships, increasing the ability to reconcile in problem situations,
better solve relationship problems, extroverted, harmonious, It is aimed to
teach sharing, cooperation and being democratic in relationships.

Anger, Stress and Time Management

The ability to stay calm under stress is
developed. Depending on the needs, individual or group psychotherapy
methods are applied. Recognizing stress and stress reactions, working on
methods of coping with stress, learning about ‘fight or flight response’,
gaining experience of coping with stressful situations with role-playing method
and developing the ability to use the benefits of positive thinking in
stressful situations in a correct, quality and targeted manner. will be

Relationship management

Understanding the other party in social
relations within the scope of education of social emotions, showing tolerance
even if thought differently; It is aimed to gain the ability to be
forgiving in the face of mistakes and to maintain relationships. Basic
training is given on benevolence, cooperation, forgiveness, tolerance and relationship
management. The pleasure of cooperating with other people for common
purposes is the learning of understanding the importance of benevolence and
cooperation. The awareness of different personalities working together for
the same purpose and living together is studied.

Healthy decision-making principles

The ability to take into account both oneself and other
people’s feelings when making decisions. The ability to take into account
fairness when making decisions. Strategic thinking, categorical thinking,
ability to change categories, self-mobilization, purposeful behavior, timing
sequencing, and resistance to distractors are studied.


The skill to consider being fair, democratic functioning,
authoritarian and totalitarian attitudes are studied. The importance of
fair sharing, the effect of freedom to improve capabilities, to define the
situation that causes the conflict, to determine the wishes and needs of both
parties, to formulate proposals considering the mutual needs, to choose the
solution that is suitable for both parties, to determine who will do what in
the solution decided, the division of labor It includes the goal of gaining
skills to do. Solution-oriented thinking is tried, not
problem-oriented. As a result, the situation is evaluated with the
“Emotional Intelligence Scale” developed by us. An optional certificate
is given to the person. Emotional Intelligence Program can be done in
schools upon request.


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