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Medical Imaging and Interventional Radiology

The fastest progressing branch of medicine; 

Radiology; It is a branch of medicine that provides
diagnosis and treatment services using x-rays, sound waves or other
methods. Radiology, which is an indispensable part of medicine, is used in
the diagnosis of internal organs diseases by resigning from the rays, and in
the treatment of these diseases with other ionizing radiation methods such as

X-rays are very important in the diagnosis of many
diseases. In some cases, a definitive diagnosis can be made only with
x-rays. Fractures, dislocations, lung abscess, stomach perforation,
intestinal obstruction are just a few of them. Radiology has become a
specialty due to the importance of X-ray films and techniques in diagnosis and
treatment. Physicians who have specialized in this field are called

This service, which was given only with x-ray devices
until about thirty years ago, is now carried out using a wide variety of
advanced tools. With dizzying developments in technology, it can be said
that radiology is the fastest progressing branch of medicine in terms of
content. Along with this, many new concepts have also started to appear,
causing question marks in people’s minds.

Digital Mammography

It is used for diagnosis purposes especially for women
with breast health problems or familial risk factors, which are recommended to
be done once a year by every woman over the age of 40. In our country,
mammography services generally do not meet the required standards. For
these reasons, there are risky patients that are unwanted but overlooked.

For these reasons, our institution has a Digital
Mammography device with a low radiation rate (compared to conventional
mammographies), which gives 70% less radiation and allows for better analysis
of images. It is one of the most suitable methods for patients who are
already at risk of low radiation rate. When necessary, breast biopsy
procedures can be performed successfully with the same method.

Because it is digital, you have the opportunity to reach
your old images even after years.

MR (Magnetic Resonance)

MR is the most impressive and harmless of the new imaging
technologies. It does not cause any post-exposure pain and is a diagnostic
technique that is needed in other imaging systems and does not have to be given
drugs that cause allergies. It is a cross-sectional view of any part of
the body. The MR device consists of a giant magnet; it does not use
harmful x-rays, it displays with electromagnetic and radio waves. There is
absolutely no radiation. During the examination, you must stay still.

Due to its short tunnel structure, it is the most
suitable device for those who fear closed spaces. (Antifobic) Due to the
current technological features, the shooting is completed very quickly (some
shots in just 5 minutes) and your shooting is reported in a short
time. This time varies according to the structure of the area to be shot.

Closed MRI devices have an average carrying capacity of
120 Kg due to their general structure. In the device of our institution,
our patients starting from newborn babies up to 200 Kg are served. If
necessary, shooting can be performed under anesthesia. If you want, you
can also have your MR imaging accompanied with music. For this, MR
compatible headphones and music system are available in our device. 24/7
service is provided.

Computed Tomography (Multislice CT)

Computed Tomography is a radiological diagnostic method
for creating a cross-sectional image of the area of ​​the body being examined using x-rays. The examination itself is
completely painless. During
the examination, the patient is asked to lie on the table of the CT device
without moving. Depending
on the type of examination to be performed, the patient may be injected with
contrast agent through the veins of the arm or asked to drink contrast
material. This part of the review may be a little uncomfortable for the
patient. Since contrast agents contain iodine, they can cause allergic
reactions in some individuals. Before the examination, the patient should
inform the technician or radiologist whether he has had an allergic reaction to
such substances and, if any, allergies to other substances. Hunger
according to the gravity of the desired area, Fullness and functionality
of kidney functions gain importance. 24/7 service is provided.

Ultrasonography and Color Doppler Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography and Color Doppler Ultrasonography is a
reliable examination method that does not contain radiation and is performed
using sound energy.

With the ultrasonography and Doppler method, diagnostic
and therapeutic procedures for many superficial / deep organs and tissues can
be performed except for some anatomical structures surrounded by bones and

There are no known side effects of ultrasonography used
for diagnostic purposes. There is no proven harmful effect on the fetus in
pregnant women, moreover, pregnancy follow-ups are performed by ultrasonography

Doppler examinations are examinations for vascular
structures and blood supply of organs and take longer than other
ultrasonographic examinations. Doppler examinations are performed with
different and specially equipped ultrasonography devices.

Sound waves are produced by the part of the
ultrasonography device called the ‘probe’ that is brought into contact with the
area to be examined. The sound waves sent to the body, which are reflected
and absorbed by the tissues, are collected back by the probe. Since the absorption
and reflection of sound waves by various organs and tissues are different,
their images are also different. During image creation, while the
“probe” is passed through the patient’s body, a slippery liquid
called ‘ultrasound gel’ is applied to the body surface, thus enabling the sound
waves to reach the body tissues without being broken by the air. The
ultrasound gel used does not contain any harmful or allergic elements for the
skin and body.

Digital X-ray (DR)

The latest technology reached today in X-ray systems is
the DDR (Direct Digital X-Ray / Flat Panel Detector) system. Thanks to
this technology, without using very high resolution (9 MegaPixel) cassette,
memory cassette and reader unit, x-ray images of the patient can be displayed
directly on the computer screen; It can be seen within 2 seconds following
the application of the X-Ray. Your doctor, who made the request for your
diagnosis, can see the image on his computer within the same period.

When there is a need to change the shooting position or
additional position shots are required, since the patient is still in the x-ray
machine and his position is fixed, additional shots can be completed very

On the image obtained; The desired dose (window)
settings can be made easily by means of the computer program and thus,
repetition of the shot is almost never required. Obtained images can be
archived in computer or PACS systems. The software and hardware advantages
of DDR systems, ease of use, speed, fast results, and the elimination of repetition
of shots are the main reasons for preference. Thus, less radiation (x-ray)
is exposed. 24/7 service is provided.

Bone Densitometer

Bone densitometry is a radiological examination performed
to determine bone mineral loss. Generally, the examination is made for the
lumbar vertebrae and hip bone. However, there may be situations that
require a whole body examination.

Bone densitometry is used by doctors for the diagnosis of
osteoporosis or osteopenia. Osteporosis often affects postmenopausal
women. However, men can also be affected, albeit less. Osteoporosis
is a disease that causes thinning and brittle over time due to loss of calcium
and structural changes in the bone. Bone densitometry can also be used to
detect conditions that develop due to another disease or drugs used for another
disease. 24/7 service is provided.

Interventional radiology

It is the department that performs surgical treatments
without surgery, using imaging methods such as interventional radiology,
angiography, ultrasound and computed tomography as a guide.

It is the section that uses needle biopsies (breast,
thyroid, kidney, liver pancreas, etc.) for the diagnosis and treatment of other
fluids, cysts, tumors in the body. It is performed by a specialist
radiologist. Generally, these procedures are easier for
patients. Because there are no large incisions, procedures are completed
with less pain, risk and shorter recovery time. The patient is usually
discharged on the same day.

Panoramic Dental X-ray

Panoramic x-ray is a type of x-ray in which all teeth and
jawbone are viewed together with less rays.

Panoramic x-ray provides early diagnosis of many dental
caries, cystic and tumoral formations in the jaws. The image of all teeth
can be seen on a single x-ray. It provides early diagnosis and treatment
by taking the image of all teeth.

The use of the digital system increases the image quality
and significantly reduces the amount of radiation the person receives.


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