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 We continue to develop the otagtepe medical center radiology unit with the latest technologies of today.




Private Otağtepe Medical Center Radiology Unit has the
most advanced radiological digital
devices o
f high technology and all diagnostic and
interventional radiological procedures are performed. The radiology
department continues its studies to reach the technical equipment that can meet
all the demands of patients and doctors for diagnosis and treatment.

500 Ma Digital X-ray, Digital Mammography, Digital Panoronic-cephalometric X-ray,
C-Arm Scope Device, Ultrasonography, Color Doppler Ultrasonography and
4D-Dimensional Color Doppler Ultrasonography
 services are
provided in our Private Otağtepe Medical Center Radiology Department . In
addition, we provide Nuclear Medicine Services (Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy, Thyroid Scintigraphy,
Bone Scintigraphy), Magnetic Resonance (MR, MRI), Computed Tomography (CT),
 services economically with our institutions
contracted through SGK .

We are at the service of you, our people, with expert
physicians who have the knowledge and experience to do not only diagnostic
procedures, but also therapeutic and interventional procedures. Patients
are under the supervision of a doctor during all diagnostic and therapeutic
procedures in the private Otağtepe Medical Center.

In the Private Otağtepe Medical Center, which is open 24
hours a day, 7 days a week, radiological reports are prepared immediately and
the diagnosis and treatment process is accelerated.


There are 5 ultrasound devices in Private Otağtepe
Medical Center, and all ultrasonographic examinations such as abdomen, pelvic,
kidney, thyroid, thorax, breast, hip, eye and cranial ultrasonography are
performed. In addition, transrectal US, transvaginal US and intraoperative
US are among the services provided. In addition to these examinations,
ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration and biopsies, fluid aspiration,
catheter drainage procedures are performed.

Vascular structures and blood flow can be evaluated in
detail with Color Doppler ultrasound. Upper and lower extremity arterial
and venous system color Doppler ultrasound, portal Doppler, carotid and
vertebral artery Doppler, orbital and scrotal Doppler, gynecological and
obstetric Doppler, renal artery Doppler and graft evaluation. These
examinations are carried out by highly experienced doctors.

Pregnancy follow-up with 4d ultrasound.

The working principle of ultrasound devices is based on
the principle of producing high frequency (ultra-sound) sound waves that the
ear cannot hear,  sending them to the tissue with the help
of a probe (transducer) , and then  viewing the
sound waves reflected from tissues of different densities on a screen
(monitor) .

They are the latest technological products that allow the
3-dimensional (spatial) view including width, length and depth dimensions to be
displayed simultaneously (“real time feature”) on a monitor.

While the movements of the babies in the mother’s womb
can be viewed with delay with the examinations made with three-dimensional
ultrasound devices before, the movements of the baby such as frowning,
laughing, yawning, finger sucking can be monitored instantly and quickly with
4-dimensional ultrasonography.

The expression “4th dimension” refers to the
simultaneous viewing and recording of 3-dimensional images of the baby in the
mother’s womb, like photo frames, during shooting. In our clinic, a
four-dimensional GE
Voluson 730 pro device,
 which includes 2010 model
latest technological developments, is used. VOLUSON 730 PRO
Superior Quality and Performance in Real-Time 4D Imaging

Real-Time 4D Imaging with Special Volumetric Probes

High Image Quality

Coded Harmonic Imaging

Compound Resolution Imaging (CRI), Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI)

VCI Static, Volume Contrast Imaging

Real Time 4D Biopsy (Ops)

VOCAL II, Volume Calculation (Ops)

TUI, Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging (Ops)

STIC, Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (Ops)

Advanced Archiving and Reporting Features

Automated Tissue and Doppler Optimization

Integrated DVD Burner, USB Flash Drive

Advanced Ob / Gyn Measurement and Calculation Suite

Ergonomic Design and Easy Use Features


Mammography is a special examination performed using X-rays in the diagnosis of breast cancer and other
benign breast diseases. Mammography services include screening
examinations of asymptomatic patients, diagnostic examinations of women with
symptomatic breast diseases, steroid preoperative breast marking and

The technological features of the devices allow optimal magnification and compression techniques with
minimum radiation dose. Our department, which provides accurate and fast
diagnostic services for screening and diagnostic mammographic examinations,
successfully performs galactography, ultrasound-guided breast marking, fine
needle aspiration and biopsies.

C arm portable scope

In the private Otağtepe Radiology department, using the Portable C-Arm Scope device and Doppler USG
together, multiple interventional interventions can be performed. Our
expert team performs many entrepreneurial transactions under the most
economical conditions.

Panoramic-cephalometric x-ray

Private Otağtepe Medical Center Radiology Department provides services in all subjects, especially Oral
and Dental Health, with the Digital Panoramic-Cephalometric X-ray device.

Computed Tomography (CT) (Our service unit will be opened soon)
CT can create a detailed cross-sectional view of any part of the
body and can be used in the diagnosis of many diseases from soft tissue
diseases to fractures. It is frequently used in cases where other imaging
methods such as direct radiography and ultrasonography cannot be revealed.

In addition, CT-guided biopsy and interventional
procedures are also performed to reduce the need for surgery and tissue
diagnosis of lesions.

Interventional Procedures In the Radiology Department of Private Otağtepe Medical Center, they
perform interventional radiological examinations such as thin needle biopsy
with USG, interventional venous procedures with Color Doppler USG, abscess drainage
and needle biopsies, foreign body removal with C-arm scopy, scopy, biopsy,


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Private Otağtepe Medical Center (Kavacık-Beykoz, Istanbul) provides quality and economical healthcare services that are committed to ethical values, respectful to patient rights, including preventive health services as well as preventive health services, regardless of religion, language, race, gender and region, with qualified and expert staff. It aims to present. We have been providing quality, efficient and reliable health services to our people in Beykoz Otağtepe since 2008 and we accept your increasing interest as a proof that we are on the right track.

Op Dr Özgür Nizam, Op Dr Ömer Demirelli and Uz Dr Şebnem Bozkurt Nizam is exemplified by a modern management, modern medical practices and the technological equipment required by the age, which can meet all the health needs of our patients and their relatives. Our aim is to be a health institution.

Our institution has SGK and Private insurance agreements.

Health for all, all about health.

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