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The departments where imaging methods are used for the
detection of diseases are called radiology. Imaging methods used in the
diagnosis of diseases in many health institutions and hospitals allow surgical
interventions to be performed with less damage when used for treatment
purposes. Among X-rays and other imaging methods,

Computed tomography,


MRI (Magnetic Resonance)

nuclear medicine methods,

PET (Posiron emission tomography)


Fluoroscopy is included.

Radiology is divided into two main headings as
“diagnostic Radiology” and Radiotherapy. Diagnostic radiology
method is a method that allows bloodless imaging of the whole or part of the
body without any surgical operation. It allows local imaging and diagnosis
without any cutting and harming the integrity of the body, allowing the visualization
of the inside of the body.

Radio therapy, on the other hand, is a method that allows
cancer to be treated using ionized radiation. The main idea of ​​radiotherapy is to kill
cancerous cells by applying high doses of radiation and to prevent their division
and proliferation. Radiotherapy has a significant effect on cancer cells
that grow faster than healthy cells. In addition to the effective
treatment of diseases, radiotherapy also affects the quality of life of
patients after treatment, allowing them to lead a healthier life. The
radiotherapy method, which can only be applied to cancerous cells and locally,
is applied in short-term sessions, allowing patients to continue their daily

About the Chapter

Unlike other clinics, the Radiology department is a
department where information about what happens in the invisible parts of the
body can be obtained. Thanks to imaging systems, stomach, lung, kidney,
etc. early diagnosis of diseases that may occur in organs can be possible
and treatment methods can be determined without making further
progress. Radiologists working in areas reserved as a special department
in health institutions and hospitals can make films and imaging with different
methods depending on the type of disease.

The main idea in radiology is to provide a clearer
visualization of the organ to be applied and to see the symptoms that occur in
the internal organs and cause the disease. Different chemicals and
solutions are used for this purpose. For example, when an imaging of the circulatory
systems is required, iodinated organic compounds are used, and chemicals such
as barium sulfate can be used for imaging of internal organs such as the large
intestine. Thus, it becomes possible to more clearly visualize the organs
affected by the disease to be diagnosed.

Table and film setups also differ according to the film
to be shot in the radiology department.


Radiology applications, which play an important role in
the early diagnosis of diseases, allow the examination of different organs with
different methods.

Computed Tomography

In computed tomography applications, imaging is provided
by rotating x-rays around the patient, and soft tissues and internal details of
the body that cannot be seen in X-rays can be viewed.


In the application, which is a method in which
high-frequency sound waves are used in imaging, the principle of sound
returning by reflection is used. The method makes it possible to visualize
the soft tissue sections in detail. Ultrasonography, which is one of the
most reliable radiological methods, provides more successful results at levels
close to the surface.

MR (Magnetic Resonance)

the application, commonly known as EMAR, is an
application that allows obtaining images by using radio waves in a high-power
magnet. It is used to display high levels of liquid and soft tissues in a
much more detailed and three-dimensional way.


It is the application of imaging the breast area with the
basic principles of radiography. With the application performed using
X-rays, soft tissues can be displayed clearly. The image is taken by
compressing the breast with the special mechanism of the mammography device and
keeping it stable. Thus, it becomes possible to receive less radiation to
the body.

Nuclear Medicine

It is an imaging application in which gamma rays, which
are in the electromagnetic radiation group, are used. It is the method of
giving gamma-ray emitting substances to the body by binding them to
special-purpose molecules. It is an application based on the imaging of
the radiation emitted by the devices when the substances emitting gamma rays
reach the area to be monitored. In addition to electromagnetic radiations,
sound energy, x-rays, gamma rays, radio waves are among the energies used in


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