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Avicenna Hospital Radiology Department is also known as medical imaging and has a very important role in the hospital. Patients who search for Avicenna Hospital with the aim of learning radiology results can definitely get their results by reaching our radiology result display page.




Medical Imaging

Thanks to medical imaging, in other words radiology, many
diseases can be diagnosed today. In addition to making a diagnosis, thanks
to the many imaging techniques used in our hospital, today, many diseases can
be treated without surgical intervention. During the treatment phase of
the disease, the disruption of the body integrity or the area that will need to
be healed by surgical intervention is not created.

Department of Radiology

Avicenna Hospital Radiology Department includes expert
radiologists, medical imaging technicians and nurses.  Avicenna Hospital
Medical Imaging Department, where technologies belonging to the latest point of
modern medicine, makes diagnosis and initiates the treatment process by
examining 10 thousands of patients every year. Our unit, which is
regularly audited by auditors who have proven themselves in the international
arena, both maintains its quality and continues to improve day by day.

Medical Imaging Department

Avicenna Hospital Medical Imaging Department
prepares results that can be reached by all physicians when needed. When
needed for a patient, results can be viewed by multiple doctors at the same
time. In this way, it is ensured that different branches can move for the
same patient at the same time. On the other hand, doctors are able to both
speed up the diagnosis process and make the treatment process more effective by
sharing their ideas and opinions with each other.

Radiology Results

Avicenna Hospital has specialist doctors for
each disease. On the other hand, strong clinicians are also included in
the hospital. When the nurse and technical staff are involved, a strong
team emerges that can benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. This
team may need to use radiology results first in the disease diagnosis and
diagnosis process. In other words, medical imaging results can often be
the first step to diagnose the disease. Our patients who receive the
latest technology medical imaging system always feel safe.

Day and Night Viewing

Avicenna Hospital provides radiology result
imaging and radiology result learning services for radiology results both
during the day and at night. The expert team, which continues to work with
the seizure system, continues to provide health services to our patients
without interruption. We have good and experienced doctors and technicians
for the continuity of uninterrupted service.

Radiology Techniques

Avicenna Hospital Medical Imaging Department
has a large number of medical imaging devices. With these devices, many
diseases can be both diagnosed and treated without the need for surgical
operation. Radiology techniques can be divided into many branches.


X-ray is the most basic medical imaging device
of this part. Thanks to X-rays, patients can be diagnosed with bone and
lung diseases. In this context, it is the most widely used device. X-rays
are used in x-rays. For this reason, it is also known as x-ray.

Mammography medical imaging

Mammography is widely used in the diagnosis of
breast diseases. It can also be used as a screening device for patients
over the age of 40. This technique includes x rays.

Bone Densitometry Medical Imaging

Bone densitometry medical imaging system is
used in the diagnosis of osteoporosis, popularly known as osteoporosis disease.

Computed Tomography

Computed tomography can be used in the
diagnosis of almost all diseases of the body. A cross-sectional view of
the body is obtained with computed tomography. X-rays are used during
computed tomography scanning.

Angiography Radiology Technique

Angiography radiology technique is generally used in the diagnosis of vascular
diseases. Again, the treatment processes of vascular diseases are carried
out with an angiography device. It is necessary to enter the vein during
the use of this technique. In this context, various instruments are used
and a drug is administered into the vein. Thanks to this drug, the veins
become visible. X rays are used during shooting.

Ultrasonography Medical Imaging Technique

Ultrasonography medical imaging technique is used in the diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases of
the organs in the abdominal region. On the other hand, ultrasonography
method is used for pregnancy follow-up of expectant mothers. It is known
that it does not cause any harm to babies.

Color Doppler Ultrasonography

Another ultrasonography technique is the color Doppler
ultrasonography technique. With this technique, vascular diseases can be
diagnosed. Blood supply levels of many organs can also be measured by color
Doppler ultrasonography. It is also known to be used during pregnancy.

Magnetic Resonance Medical Imaging

The magnetic resonance medical imaging system,
popularly known as MRI, is used in the disease diagnosis process of the whole
body, especially the brain and muscular system. On the other hand, it is
known that the organs in the abdominal region are widely used in the diagnosis
of the disease. It can also be a method preferred by doctors in the
diagnosis of many vascular diseases. Patients who will undergo MRI should
not have foreign bodies in their bodies.

Interventional radiology

In Avicenna Hospital, many diseases can be
treated with interventional radiology without surgical intervention. Interventional
radiology, with a simple explanation, is the treatment of patients using only
medical imaging methods without touching the body integrity (without surgical
operation). These methods allow patients to be treated more comfortably.


Neuroradiology emerges as a sub-branch of the
radiology department. With neuroradiology, diseases of the brain, head,
neck and spinal cord regions can be diagnosed. Neuroradiology is divided
into two as diagnostic neuroradiology and interventional neuroradiology.

Studying Radiology

Students who want to study this department do
intensive research on radiology scores. In order to become a radiology
technician, the base points students must obtain change every year. Students
who are preparing for university exams and who want to study this department
and work in the field of medical imaging should generally be people who like to
work with machines and devices and have hand-eye coordination. Medical
imaging specialists who read this section gain the title of radiology


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Our Quality Management System Policy

As Avicenna Hospital, our main goal is to meet the expectations of patients and employees. It is our ideal to be an institution where our employees are honored and proud to work. It is our ultimate duty to carry out scientific research within the framework of ethical subjects by complying with the requirements of the Quality Management System during the service delivery process. Being aware of our social responsibilities, we contribute to the society at the highest possible level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality specialist training, to keep the satisfaction of patients and employees at the highest level, to ensure the highest level of safety between patients and employees, and to become the leading hospital of the sector with these efforts, using all the information and technologies brought by modern medicine.

our vision

To become a hospital recommended and recommended in the international arena in the light of the quality of the service provided. In accordance with ISO 9001-2008 requirements and Ministry of Health Service Quality Standards;

Respecting patient rights,

Dependent on medical ethics and deontology

Ensuring patient and employee safety

nature friendly

Adopted the Quality Management System

Following modern medicine

Satisfaction oriented

To be a stable institution targeting health tourism.

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