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Special Physical Activity and Exercise People

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We provide professional support in Special Physical Activity and Exercise.


Special Physical Activity and Exercise People

Personalized Physical Activity Program

Physical activity; can be defined as the activities that
occur with energy consumption by using muscles and joints in daily life, which
increases the heart and respiration rate and results with fatigue in varying
intenseness. Various sports branches including the whole or a part of basic
body movements such as walking, running and swimming and additionally
crouching, several arm-leg, head and torso movements, dancing, exercising,
playing and daily activities can be considered as physical activity.

There is a vast number of scientific studies that
demonstrate the benefits of the physical activity to both physical and mental
health, especially when performed regularly.

We can classify such positive effects as follows

Increased muscle strength and physical activity tolerance
(fitness and endurance)

Ensuring stabilization by increasing muscle-joint
control, especially prevention of falls in elderly individuals 

Decrease in cardiovascular disease rates

Decrease in chronic fatigue

Individuals with regular physical activity are more
successful in getting rid of smoking addiction than those who are not active.

Helps control of diabetes and blood sugar by managing insulin activity

Normalization in blood pressure and blood lipid (fat) levels

Increases bone density and reduces osteoporosis

Improves sleep period and quality. 

Soothes the anxiety and depression tabulation. 

Intestinal activity is regulated, constipation is reduced.

Accelerates metabolism and prevent weight gain.

In the long-term cognitive functions and motor control,
thereby self-esteem increase, dementia (forgetfulness) is reduced.

The onset age of entering menopause in women delays, helps
soothing adverse effects of menopause.

Positively affects healthy sexual activity in adults.

Builds feeling-good and happiness, and increases the
ability to cope with depression and anxiety.

Increases body resistance and improves protection against infections.

Reduces cancer development risk and provides protection against cancer.

Increases quality of life, elevates participation in social and cultural activities

Physical activity should be done regularly in order to
achieve the desired effects.  Even moderate-intensity physical activity
done 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes is generally sufficient to reveal
the positive effects on our health. The personalized physical activity program
is an indispensable component of complementary medicine applications because of
the benefits we have enumerated above all of which have been supported by
scientific studies. In this program, the duration, intensity and type of
exercise are determined and monitored by the physiatrist and rehabilitation
physician according to the individual’s history and associated musculoskeletal
and other system problems. Exercise application can be administered in the
hospital, under the supervision of a physiotherapist or outside of the hospital
in the form of a home schedule. A program consisting of posture, stretching,
muscle strengthening, balance and coordination exercises and aerobic exercises
such as cycling ergometer, swimming and walking is prepared according to the
patient’s needs. Convenient patients can join group or individual pilates or
yoga classes. Regardless of the type of physical activity program, patient
education and safety must be absolutely observed.

Physical activity programs are profoundly effective in
the treatment of many diseases and their symptoms, prevention of
disease-related complications, and preventing the disease process from causing
permanent damage pertaining to the body.

Some situations wherein the positive and therapeutic
features of exercise programs are benefited are as follows:

Some orthopedic problems, sports injuries 

Neurological diseases (paralysis, balance-coordination losses, nerve injuries etc.)

Some cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases

Child health problems such as cerebral palsy (paralysis of the brain) 

Some of the rheumatic diseases 

Some problems developing in the aftermath of accident, trauma and surgery

Waist, back and neck problems, joint pain such as knee, shoulder


Pregnancy and postnatal recovery process

In recent years, the concept of “cancer
rehabilitation” has gained importance due to the increasing frequency of
oncological diseases in society. 54% of cancer-diagnosed patients require
rehabilitation for physical insufficiency due to tumor effects or cancer
treatment. Cancer-related pain is observed in 70% of the patients. In bone
involvement, restriction of weight transfer may be required depending on the
severity of the lesion. Orthosis applications may be required to protect the
bone, and use of corset for the spine. In oncologic patients as well, it is
profoundly important that the patient is evaluated by a physical therapy and
rehabilitation specialist and their appropriate physical activity schedule is
determined before the exercise applications. Muscle strengthening exercises which
do not generate motion, low-intensity aerobic exercises (such as walking,
cycling), strengthening of the abdominal muscles and back muscles in patients
with risk of spine fracture, balance exercises and environmental
regulation for prevention of falling are recommended. In lung tumors, the
patient is recommended respiratory exercises, exercises for strengthening neck
and arm muscles and aerobic exercises. In the breast cancer rehabilitation
program, joint’s range of motion exercises pertaining to the shoulder and
stretching exercises are performed after the operation. When the drains are
removed, the active joint range of motion exercises are initiated and the
movements are progressed gradually. Lymphedema treatment is applied.

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