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Tonsils (tonsils) are very precious like every organ. But
tonsils are not the body’s only defense weapon. A tonsil that functions
and has more benefits should never be taken. However, an operation
performed with the right indications can provide absolute benefit to the

The tonsil (tonsil) is a pair of organs located at the entrance of our throat,
consisting of defense cells called lymphocytes and contributing to the cellular
defense of the body. Tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils caused by
various microorganisms (viruses and bacteria). It usually occurs as a
result of encountering a local or whole-body cold, which reduces body

Tonsillitis can be seen in all ages and genders. However, the incidence is
higher, especially in children. It is not a seasonal disease. However,
it is more common in transition periods when weather conditions change
frequently. The disease has two stages, acute and chronic: Acute
tonsillitis can be bacterial or viral.

Tonsillitis manifests itself with the following symptoms
* Fever

* Sore throat and swelling

* Fatigue

* Joint and muscle pain

* Headache

* Small children with abdominal pain, sometimes diarrhea

, especially in childhood common bacterial tonsillitis pass, these attacks are
sufficient untreated patients after a period in the tonsils the infection
becomes chronic. Unlike the acute period in this period;

* Lack of appetite,

* The state of waking up tired in the morning is frequently repeated
continuously or for no reason.

Acute infections also begin to occur more frequently and easily.

the disease contagious?
The disease can be transmitted because it is a bacterial or viral
infection. But one should not be seen as an infected or infected person
either. It is sufficient to not have too close contact (using the same
fork, spoon, etc.) during the active period.

How is it diagnosed?

Tonsillar is an organ that can be seen directly with the eye. It
is diagnosed by visual examination. Even if laboratory analyzes are made,
it will be seen that there are increases in the number of white blood cells and
the sedimentation rate.

What are the treatment methods?

Drug treatment is appropriate in the acute phase. Medication
is given in a dose, type and duration appropriate to the period and severity of
the event. In chronic infections, drug therapy is usually not sufficient. In
practice, however, a chance may still be given in the hope that the patient
will recover with medication. If it does not improve and indications for
surgery have occurred, tonsils can be removed.

In which situations is surgical intervention required?

* Year if migrated bacterial infection is 3-4 times

* tonsillar so large as to make it difficult breathing and swallowing

* If tonsil tumor develops,

* if Peritonsillar passed abscess

* febrile convulsions caused Tonsil (febrile wire transfers)

* If the sleep apnea

* Frequent ear, nasal infections

* Snoring and mouth breathing,

* In persistent enlargement of neck lymph nodes,

* In tonsillar tuberculosis, * Acute joint rheumatism and those who suffer
from carditis and nephritis due to this, the tonsils may need to be removed.

These are not absolute indications. Some patients may not need surgery.

How is surgical intervention performed? Is there a special method?
Surgical treatment is performed under general anesthesia in
children. Local or general anesthesia is possible for adults. The
tonsillar capsules are removed and the vessels are tied with different methods. Relatives
of the patient and the physician should be careful against the risk of
post-operative bleeding.

Will the body remain vulnerable after the tonsils are removed?

Tonsils are also very precious like every organ. But tonsils
are not the body’s only defense weapon. A tonsil that functions and has
more benefits should never be taken. However, a surgery performed with the
right indications provides absolute benefit to the patient.


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