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Varicose treatment (sclerotherapy)

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We provide professional support in Varicose treatment (sclerotherapy).


Varicose treatment (sclerotherapy)

Veins are vessels that carry blood from the periphery to the heart. The
valves in these vessels ensure that the blood flow is one-way towards the
heart. The disease called varicose veins is the enlargement of the normal
veins over time due to valve insufficiency. As a result of this disease,
the veins become wide and curved and become unable to fulfill their function.

While this may cause
serious complaints in some patients, it may not cause any complaints in others. Varicose
veins is a very common disease seen in one out of every five or six people in
the society. Since varicose veins can be seen with the eyes, even large
ones can be felt with fingers, it is very easy to diagnose. In some
patients where varicose veins do not cause complaints, this may be considered
as a cosmetic problem only, but in some patients, varicose veins can cause
complaints such as pain in the legs, fatigue, burning, cramps and swelling in
the ankle, which may affect the quality of life of the person. Uninterrupted
and growing varicose veins can sometimes clot, bleed or even cause ankle wounds.

Varicose veins are divided

into three as large varicose, medium size varicose and capillary varicose.

This disease can be seen in every person, but some factors that increase the likelihood of varicose
veins are:

It is more common in those who have varicose veins in their family (inherited).


who have given birth (especially those who have given birth 2 or more).

Overweight people (especially women)

. Treatment is recommended if varicose veins cause you complaints or its
appearance bothers you.

Varicose treatment

Although there are many methods applied in the treatment of varicose veins, the
Sclerotherapy method stands out as the most reliable method among varicose
treatment methods. In the sclerotherapy method, also known as varicose needle
therapy, this vein is destroyed by injecting a drug into the varicose
vein. If the medicine is given by foaming it is called foam
treatment. In fact, this is a type of sclerotherapy. After the drug
is administered into the vein, it affects the inner part of the vein and causes
the vein to close or disappear.

Varicose veins are not required for the body. For this
reason, their cancellation does not cause any harm to the person, on the
contrary, the complaints of the heir are eliminated.

After the treatment, the vein closes immediately, but it
takes time for the image to disappear completely. This period varies from
individual to individual, and sometimes it may take several months for the
varicose to completely disappear. Sclerotherapy is used in the treatment
of both capillary varicose, medium size and large varicose veins. But it
is not recommended for the main vascular treatment (saphenous vein).

Its main use is the treatment of capillary varicose veins
and medium size varicose veins. These two groups are the most effective
method known in the treatment of varicose veins and are the first option in

In the treatment of large

varicose veins, it is also used as an adjunct treatment in the treatment of
large varicose veins remaining after the main vein is treated with intravenous
laser or RF method.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure that does not require general anesthesia.

Various solutions are used for sclerotherapy. Due to the diameter differences, the concentration of
the chemical substance administered to varicose veins and capillaries varies. Sclerotherapy
procedure is a process performed in a very short time. Generally, the
application takes 20-30 minutes in sessions. The number of sessions varies
according to the intensity of the varicose veins. Patients can return to
their daily activities immediately. The feeling of redness and itching in
the application area disappears within 24 hours. Although full recovery
varies individually, it can take an average of 4 – 6 weeks.

Side effects although

very rare, side effects such as mild pain and bruising may occur. If the
procedure is applied to large veins, varicose veins may cause thrombophlebitis. This
situation can cause both pain and prolongation of the wound healing process. Drug
allergy, temporary edema, swelling and skin color changes are other side
effects that can be seen.

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