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What is emergency service

Situations that develop suddenly and threaten the life of
a person or the integrity of life are defined as emergency health conditions. According
to the International Emergency Medicine Federation, although acute diseases or
injuries are stated as issues that emergency medicine will intervene, the
common problem in many countries is the patient density in emergency services. The
concept of triage has emerged in the world due to the number of patients
admitted to the Emergency Services exceeding the Emergency Room capacities.

What is Triage?

The word triage is derived from the English words
“Triage” and French “Trier” and means “segregation,
classification, prioritization”. Triage is the task of determining
the intervention priorities of people who need medical intervention. The
current practice all over the world in Emergency Departments is primarily to
triage patients. Thanks to an effective triage at the entrances of the
Emergency Service, the intervention of patients in critical situations can be
done without delay. Thanks to the triage process, patients who are in
critical condition can reach their necessary examination and treatment needs as
soon as possible, and hospitals also use their resources effectively.

In the Emergency Service of Private Modern Academy
Surgical Medical Center, triage practice is carried out in accordance with the
relevant regulations and communiqués of the Ministry of Health of the Republic
of Turkey. In our medical center, all Emergency Service personnel have
received triage training and these trainings are repeated periodically.

Emergency Services are the mirrors of hospitals. All
patient welcoming, diagnosis, hospitalization, operation, discharge, in short,
all diagnosis and treatment processes in hospitals are present in emergency
services or are intertwined. In addition, Emergency Services should be
structured in a way that they can provide all the necessary medical and social
services to emergency patients who are admitted to the hospital
uninterruptedly, as they are one of the units operating non-stop for 24 hours.

Since the reasons for the arrival of the patients who
come to the Emergency Service are generally unexpected discomfort, patients are
also worried apart from their arrival complaints. This anxiety is when a
situation for which he does not know the reason leads him to a place he does
not know and to people he does not know. Emergency departments have been
designed as spaces to help patients feel comfortable and safe. Doctors,
nurses, administrative staff and assistant healthcare personnel working in
Emergency Departments also behave in a way that helps to eliminate these potential
concerns of patients.

The Emergency Service in Private Modern Academy Surgical
Medical Center is one of the departments that stand out at first with its
experienced staff, technological and medical infrastructure, unique
architecture, functional design and physical positioning in the
hospital. Special Modern Academy surgical medical center offers various
conveniences for both our patients and our employees thanks to its functional
architecture. In the Emergency Service, there are 1 examination room where
patients are examined and treated, 1 surgical intervention room and an
observation room with 5 beds. The Emergency Service, which has two
separate entrances for ambulance and pedestrian entrances, has a separate
intervention room designed to respond to minor traumas, incisions and injuries,
orthopedic emergencies, and where minor surgical procedures can be
performed. In addition to this, in addition to the resuscitation
procedures performed in the resuscitation room arranged for emergency
intervention in critically ill patients and patients with severe trauma, all
kinds of emergency interventions can be performed when necessary. There is
also a monitoring room for patients with special conditions or diseases.

Thanks to the PACS system in the Radiology Department of
the Private Modern Academy Surgical Medical Center, the radiological images can
be examined on computer screens by the doctors without the need to print the
films as soon as they are taken. All services provided in the Emergency
Service are provided in the Private Modern Academy surgical medical center in
accordance with the operating procedures prepared within the framework of
quality and accreditation standards. With the in-service trainings
provided within the hospital, all personnel are provided to improve themselves.

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