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In addition to the urine production and excretion systems
of women and men; Diagnosis, medical and surgical treatments of diseases
related to male reproductive and sexual health are carried out in the Urology

Stone disease can be treated by endoscopic methods or fracturing outside of
the body

The presence of more than normal substances in the urine
filtered from the blood by the kidneys in the body and the precipitation of
crystallization cause stone formation. In addition to causing crises with
severe pain, nausea and vomiting by obstructing the urinary tract, stones
formed in the kidney; They can cause permanent damage to the kidneys. Among
the factors that cause stone formation; There are gender, age, heredity,
geography, climate and occupational characteristics.

Regardless of the size of the stone, if the patient has not
dropped the stone within 3-4 weeks or if the presence of stones of 7-8 mm or
more is detected at the time of diagnosis, interventional treatments are
applied. The procedure of breaking kidney and urinary tract stones with
shock waves from outside the body (ESWL) is applied with the Stoneligth device
in our hospital.

Prostate risk increases from the age of the 50’s

The prostate is an organ that surrounds the urine outlet
channel located at the exit of the urinary bladder in men. Benign prostate
enlargement starts from the age of 50 in men. It requires treatment due to
the obstruction in the bladder outlet. Symptoms such as urination at
night, increase in frequency of urine during the day, difficulty in urinating,
feeling that the bladder is not completely emptied, dripping and squeezing at
the end of urine are among the symptoms of prostate enlargement. Surgical
interventions are preferred in cases with moderate and severe symptoms. Prostate
cancer is always among the top three in the list of cancers seen in men. Early
diagnosis of men over the age of 50 is possible with annual serum prostate-specific
antigen level measurements and prostate examination.

Surgical treatment methods applied in good prostate growth

TUR-prostatectomy: In this method, which is applied
endoscopically (closed), it is entered from the urethra (external urinary
canal) to reach the prostate area and the prostate is cut piece by piece with
an electrocautery.

Open prostatectomy: Open prostatectomy is applied in cases
where TUR-P surgery is not possible due to severe enlargement of the prostate
(larger than 100 g), external urinary tract stenosis or the presence of large
bladder stones.

Surgical approach in the treatment of urological cancers

Treatments related to urological tumors in our hospital are
planned on an academic basis after being discussed in tumor councils in which
clinical oncology, radiation oncology and other related branches participate.

In early stage prostate cancer, nerve-sparing “Radical
Prostatectomy” surgery is performed by our physician team.

Bladder (bladder) cancer: The most common symptom of bladder
cancer is painless bleeding in the urine. However, blood in the urine is
not necessarily a sign of bladder cancer. Symptoms of blood in the urine
can also be seen in urinary tract diseases and stone diseases. Therefore,
if blood is seen in the urine, it is necessary to see a doctor for a correct
diagnosis. In addition to closed operations (TUR) applied in the treatment
of early stage bladder cancers, complete removal of the bladder (radical
cystectomy) performed in more advanced stages are performed. Following the
removal of the bladder, in appropriate cases, the bladder is created from the
intestine and the patient is allowed to urinate in the normal way.

Kidney cancer: The kidneys are a pair of organs in the upper
abdomen that make up urine. Kidney cancer usually occurs between the ages
of 50-70. Smoking, family history, high blood pressure, obesity are among
the reasons that lead to kidney cancer. Among the general symptoms; Symptoms
such as the presence of blood in the urine, a mass in the kidney area during
the examination, loss of appetite, weight loss, recurrent fever, persistent
flank pain and general weakness are observed. “Radical
nephrectomy” and “Partial (partial) Nephrectomy” operations are
performed by specialist physicians in our hospital with open and closed methods
as surgical treatment in kidney cancers.

Ovarian (testicular) cancers in men: Testicular cancers are
most common in men between the ages of 20-40. “Radical
Orchiectomy” surgeries are successfully applied in our hospital in the
treatment of ovarian cancers in men. Surgical procedures performed in
cases where testicular tumors jump to the lymph nodes are also performed in our

Do not let urine infection problem damage your quality of life

The problem of urinary incontinence, which occurs
especially in women with multiple births and in advanced ages, can turn many
people’s lives into nightmares. The most up-to-date medical and surgical
approaches are applied in our Urology clinic for problems such as stress
incontinence in women (urinary incontinence with coughing and sneezing),
bladder sagging, and urinary incontinence in men. Artificial sphincter placement
operations are also performed in necessary cases.

Everything for men’s health

Necessary diagnosis and treatment methods for male
infertility (infertility), erection (erection) and premature ejaculation
problems are applied by our specialist physicians in our clinic. Sperm
analysis, hormone tests, genetic tests, and other standard tests are performed. Microscopic
varicocelectomy surgery for the treatment of varicocele (enlargement of the
veins of the testicle), which is the most common correctable cause of male
infertility, and micro-TESE surgery, which is applied to find sperm from the
testis in male infertility, are successfully applied with microsurgery.

Penis prosthesis implantation

Prosthesis (happiness stick) surgeries placed in the penis
are applied especially for erectile problems that do not respond to medication. As
prostheses, there are bent type and inflatable pump types available.

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