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Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)

This is a branch of dentistry that treats children aged 0-12 years and mentally
retarded patients.

It is very important for children to have a healthy diet, one of the most
important parts of their physical and mental development. Treating caries and
missing teeth in children will positively contribute to their growth and

Fluor application: This is a painless application that is performed from the age of 3 and repeated every 6 months, painless and even fun for the child. After a couple minutes, the teeth become more resistant to caries thanks to the fluoride stored on the surface of the teeth.

Fissure sealants: The grinding surfaces of the teeth are indented and prone to caries. To prevent the formation of caries, a thin layer of composite-based resin is applied to these surfaces.

Placeholders: These are applied to prevent future perplexity in early milk tooth losses.

Milk tooth root canal treatments: Different from adults, this is done in cases where the caries extends to the pulp (nerves) of the tooth (taking into account that the root of the tooth will be resorbed).

Colorful children’s fillings: These are bright-colored fillings made to make sure the child has a fun treatment.

Amputation: Performed in cases where the caries reaches the pulp (nerves) of the tooth, this is the removal and filling of the nerves in a certain part of the tooth instead of removing all of the nerves of the tooth and leaving the tooth lifeless.

Apexification (root tip closure): This is an exhausting procedure done to continue the development of the root in cases that require root canal treatment but the formation of the root tip has not yet been completed.

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