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Eye health and diseases

Computerized eye examination,

Computerized eye examination for children,

Eye pressure examination and treatment,

Strabismus examination and treatment,

Diabetic Retinopathy (diabetes examination and treatment),

Eye fundus examination,

Computerized visual field test

Eye Ultrasonography,

Angiography (FFA),

Cataract (FACO) Surgery,

Strabismus (slipping) Surgeries,

Tear occlusion surgery (DCR),

ARGON laser therapy,

YAG laser therapy

can be done.

Eye Pressure (Glaucoma), one of the most important eye diseases causing blindness, affects
1.5 million people in Turkey. Blindness caused by eye pressure can be
prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

What is Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)?

Glaucoma disease, which is known as eye pressure among the
people, is a disease that occurs when the fluid pressure in the eye increases
at a level that will damage the optic nerve and negatively affect vision. If
eye pressure (glaucoma) is not treated, it can lead to total vision loss in
both eyes.

What is the Frequency of Eye Pressure Disease?

Eye pressure is seen in approximately one in every 40 people
over the age of 40. In addition, the disease causes vision loss in both
eyes in one out of every 20 people.

What are the Symptoms of Eye Pressure?

 At first, the disease does not cause any symptoms. Pain
and vision loss are not observed. Eye pressure disease progresses
insidiously. In some patients, some symptoms such as headache, inability
to see some areas in the environment and seeing colored light halos in the eye
can be noticed in the early period. However, the presence of the disease
cannot be recognized until it causes significant vision loss (approximately
40%) in most patients. If the disease is not treated, it progresses and
gradually causes a narrowing in the field of vision. The field of vision
gradually becomes narrower and eventually vision disappears completely.

What are Eye Pressure Risk Groups?

This disease, which can be seen in everyone and at any age, especially;

Those over the age of 40,

People with eye pressure disease in their family,


Those who use cortisone for a long time,

Those with eye injuries,

Those with high blood pressure,

Those with diabetes,

Those with vascular diseases,

Those with high blood pressure and

Those with high myopia are also at risk of being seen more.

Eye pressure

Early Diagnosis is Important in Eye Pressure

Eye pressure disease progresses without any symptoms and
causes vision loss over time.  The sooner the
disease is diagnosed and treatment is initiated, the lower the risk of vision
loss. For early diagnosis, especially every individual over the age of 40
should have an eye examination at least once a year and have their eye pressure

Eye pressure findings are detected in the patient’s
routine eye examination. However, the following methods are used when
making the definitive diagnosis of glaucoma:

Measurement of Intraocular Pressure (Eye Pressure):

Evaluation of Optic Nerve Damage: It is a method of
directly evaluating the optic nerve from the pupil with an instrument called an

Computerized Visual Field: It is a method used to
determine the amount of visual nerve damage and loss in the visual field.

Evaluation of the Drainage Angle of the Eye: It is the
diagnostic method used to evaluate the structural causes causing eye tension and
to determine the treatment to be chosen.

How Is Eye Pressure Treated?

Treatment for eye pressure disease is not intended to cure
the disease. The main purpose of treatment is to control eye pressure and
stop the progression of visual nerve damage and vision loss. It is not
possible to restore cells that die with treatment. Various methods are
used in the treatment of eye pressure:

Drug Treatment 

After the diagnosis of eye pressure is made, drug
treatment is applied to the patient first. In cases where drug treatment
in the form of drops is not sufficient, eye pressure is controlled by laser
method or surgical intervention.

Laser Surgery

 It is a method applied to reduce blood pressure by providing fluid flow in the eye in types of glaucoma
with stenosis or closure in terms of drainage.

Surgical Interventions

These are the attempts to reduce the pressure in the eye
by surgical method in patients who are not able to benefit from laser
application or whose drug treatment with drops is insufficient.

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