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Physical therapy and rehabilitation

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We provide professional support in Physical therapy and rehabilitation.


Diseases and treatments served in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department;

  • Waist and neck hernias
  • Painful disorders in the neck, shoulder, elbow, waist, hip, knee, foot, ankle and heel area (such as meniscus, heel spur, joint calcification)
  • Rheumatic diseases that
    cause joint pain and motion stiffness (arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis,
    ankylosing spondylitis), fibromyalgia, myalgia, trigger finger, tennis elbow,
    carpal tunnel syndrome, cellulitis, etc. soft tissue diseases, nerve
  • Back, neck and waist pain due to posture disorders
  • Bone resorption (osteoporosis)
  • Joint movement limitations due to fractures and other orthopedic reasons before and after prosthesis surgeries,
  • Stroke treatment (cerebral hemorrhage or paralysis due to clogging of brain vessels)
  • Spinal cord injuries resulting from work or traffic accidents
  • Congenital or acquired paralysis and treatment of spastic conditions in children
  • Treatment of joint pain and limitation of movement that may develop after fractures
  • Treatment of scoliosis, spinal curvature called kyphosis and spine problems due to aging
  • Treatment of sports injuries (anterior-posterior cruciate ligament tears, meniscus injuries etc.)

Treatment Methods Used

  • Hot treatments: Infrared, Hot pack, paraffin
  • Cold treatments: Cold pack
  • Electric current treatments: TENS, interference,
  • Electrical Stimulation: Complex,
    ultrasound therapy, short wave therapy
  • Vacuum treatment methods: Classical vacuum
  • Laser treatments: Hiltherapy (High Intensity Laser)
  • Shock therapy (ESWT)
  • Specific exercise treatments (Exercises with and without tools)
  • Traction treatments
  • Pneumatic compression-lymph
    press (for lymphatic drainage)

In the Physical Therapy unit, various methods are applied in sessions lasting
1-1.5 hours, and the average number of sessions is between 15-20. In
rehabilitation, there is a process that takes much longer, sometimes years.
Employees of the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department continue to
work to relieve the pain of people with illnesses or disabilities as soon as
possible, to provide freedom of movement and to make them independent in social

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