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Fast-healing hair transplantation

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We provide professional support in Fast-healing hair transplantation.


Fast-healing hair transplantation

A brand new and comfortable period in hair transplantation

The most precious treasure of our lives, the only value we
can never bring back no matter what we do, time. We understand the
importance of time much better in the daily rush of the modern age. We
don’t even have a minute to waste between the requirements of our career and
private life. Here, the fast-healing hair transplant, which
starts a new era in hair transplantation, gives speed and time to people
who are considering hair transplantation but do not have time.

This successful result was developed in Germany, one of
the leading countries in the field of medicine; It is obtained thanks to a
wound healing, germicidal and moisturizing care lotion and a solution in the
form of a spray. After hair transplantation, the hair gains a
natural, healthy and plump appearance without the need for washing.

Thanks to this method, the person who has hair
transplantation goes to the clinic only once after the hair
transplant. This is for people who are in a fast pace, with limited time
and precious time; especially for business people and those living outside
the city, it provides great comfort and convenience. Fast-healing hair
transplantation also shortens the healing process visibly by ensuring that the
hair follicles planted with the care of the jeweler attach to the skin quickly
and healthily. When the hair is left on its own, it takes 7-8 months for
the transplanted roots to grow, while it is possible to achieve natural, lush
and healthy hair in 4-5 months thanks to this method, which is applied with the
purchase of sprays and tablets containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

How is a fast healing hair transplant done?

In this method, since moisturizing gel is applied to the
hair every day, the washing process is completely eliminated. In this
comfortable method, after transplantation, care is applied to both the donor
area and the area where the roots are planted. After the transplantation
process is completed, a special care gel is first applied to the donor area in
a thin layer like a membrane before it is covered with a bandage. The gel
application is repeated when the person who has the hair transplantation comes
to the control on the 1st day, but this time bandage is not applied. The
effect of the special care gel, which has wound healing, germicidal and
moisturizing properties, manifests itself even in just one day. The scalp
heals quickly. The donor site of the person who had a hair transplant the
day before seems to have a very short cut.

The other area where care is taken in hair
transplantation with this method is the area where the transplantation is
made. On the first day when the person comes for control, Esteworld’s
specialist doctors and experienced team apply a special care solution in the
form of a spray to the area where the hair transplantation is
performed. The solution, produced with German technology, moisturizes this
area and noticeably accelerates the healing of the skin tissue. The care
solution, which gives the hair and scalp the moisture it needs, should be
applied to the transplantation area with very light touches by spraying 10-15
times every 3 hours. The maintenance application carried out by the
Esteworld team on the first day can be learned quickly and in the following
days, it can be done alone, wherever it wants.

The spray solution, which has moisturizing, germicidal
and wound healing properties, should be used for 6-7 days after the hair
transplantation procedure. After the transplantation process, the scalp
begins to crusted in the same way as when a part of us is scratched. In
this process, the healing and moisturizing effect of the spray solution comes
into play. When the scalp is left alone, it crusts and shrinks
quickly. This causes distortion of the planting angle of the carefully
planted roots in accordance with the direction of exit. As the crusting
increases, the hair becomes steep, creating an undesirable
appearance. This solution in spray form, which has a special content,
which Esteworld uses in fast-healing hair transplantation, moisturizes the
scalp and roots by controlling crusting. The nourishment of the
roots, It ensures that it clings more tightly to the area where it is
planted and comes out in accordance with the planting angle. 9-10 days
after the hair transplant, the scalp almost completely heals and sheds.

Thanks to the fast healing hair transplantation
application, the scalp is nourished with vitamins and minerals and heals
faster, while the hair grows in harmony with the area where it is transplanted,
in accordance with the natural, healthy and planned angle. The application
also reduces acne and itching on the skin that is sensitive after hair
transplantation. It provides both life comfort and an aesthetic appearance
to the person who has hair transplantation by moisturizing and relaxing the

Benefits of fast healing hair transplantation

Since there is no need for washing, the person who has
hair transplantation only goes to the clinic once, on the day of
transplantation. This gives the person time, speed and life comfort.

Thanks to the moisturizing solution, no rapid crusting
will occur, so the exit direction of the roots planted at the right angle with
the meticulousness of the jeweler is not disturbed. Thus, aesthetically
targeted perfect results are achieved.

Since the lotion is applied and waited and washed every
day, the possibility of damage to the newly planted roots or the deterioration
of the angle of emergence is eliminated.

Thanks to this special lotion and spray solution, which
has been produced in Germany, which is one of the leading countries in the
world in the field of medicine, while the scalp heals quickly, the hair
follicles adhere to the tissue faster and stronger. Thus, newly
transplanted hair follicles grow and become thicker in a shorter time than

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