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Hair transplantation without shaving (fue without shaving)

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We provide professional support in Hair transplantation without shaving (fue without shaving).


Hair transplantation without shaving (fue without shaving)

Hair transplantation without breaking away from social life and loved ones

The most important, most natural accessory of both men
and women is hair. It is the part that gives expression to our face and
changes our stance and mood. However, factors such as genetic structure,
health problems, intense stress, frequent diets, vitamin deficiency, hormonal
fluctuations, accidents can cause hair loss. Hair loss, which is seen as
the thinning of the hair or the opening of an area completely, affects the
psychology of the people and decreases the comfort of daily life. Men and
especially women who suffer from hair loss lose their self-confidence and
motivation for life for this reason. Here is unshaven hair transplant
technique person; It provides healthy, natural and lush hair in a short
time without separating it from its daily life and loved ones. People who
have unshaved hair transplantation can continue their business or private life
uninterruptedly, without the people around them noticing. Hair
transplantation in women with hair loss is now performed with this comfortable
method. Those who want to keep their transaction secret, to renew their
image and to spend this process without breaking away from daily
life; Especially women and business people leave the problem of hair loss in
the past without losing anything from their quality of life with the unshaved
hair transplantation technique.

How is unshaven hair transplantation done?

In unshaved hair transplantation, sapphire FUE hair
transplantation, which is an up-to-date technology that is widely used all
over the world and provides highly successful and natural results,
is used. In the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique, the hair
follicles in the donor (nape area) area are collected with the FUE
technique. Very small, smooth micro channels are opened with sapphire ore
in the form of a pencil in the area where the planting will be made and the
areas where sparseness is observed. The collected roots are added to these
channels one by one, with the meticulousness of a jeweler; It is
transplanted in accordance with the structure of the hair follicles and the
natural direction of growth. All these processes are completed within 6-7
hours on the same day.

Unshaved hair transplant for short-haired men and women

In males with a hair length of about 4 cm and in women
with short, the nape area is shaved as two horizontal stripes, one finger thick
each. Since the long hair on the top covers the shaved area, it is not noticed
that the procedure is carried out. The hair follicles collected from the
shaved area with the FUE technique are transplanted to the area where hair loss
and sparse Ning occur using the sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique. Sapphire
ore in pen form, which enables the Sapphire FUE technique to give such
successful results, allows very small and dense channels to be opened in very
small areas. Thanks to Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, approximately 40
roots can be transplanted to the area as much as the fingertip. Men who
suffer from hair loss are natural after 6-7 months with unshaved hair
transplantation, which is very comfortably done without anyone noticing and
disconnecting from social life,

Unshaven hair transplant for long hair women

In unshaved hair transplantation, which is a very
suitable method for people with long hair and preferred by women and men with
long hair, a small area in the form of a window is shaved in the nape of the
neck called the donor area. Since the hair will cover the nape area, it is
not noticed that this area is shaved. The hair follicles collected from
the shaved area with the FUE technique are transplanted into the area of ​​hair loss and sparseness
using the sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique. Sapphire ore in pen
form, which is widely used all over the world, provides such successful results
for sapphire FUE hair transplantation, allowing very small and dense channels
to be opened in narrow areas. Thanks to Sapphire FUE hair transplantation,
it is possible to transplant approximately 40 roots in the area of ​​the fingertips. Unshaved
hair transplant technology, which is the first method that comes to mind when
women say hair transplantation, It provides women with hair loss to have
natural, lush and healthy hair within 6-7 months without breaking away from
social life. Full hair gives women the aesthetic appearance,
self-confidence and life motivation they always deserve.

Unshaved hair transplant method; It can be combined with methods that increase life comfort and satisfaction, such as sedated hair transplantation and fast-healing hair transplantation.

Benefits of unshaved hair transplantation

People do not have to wait for their hair to grow, since
not all of the hair, but only the donor area on the nape, is shaved.

Those who have the application can continue their lives
on the same day without interruption; Thus, he does not stay behind his
business and social life.

Since the hair transplant is not noticed, the whole
process is completed in secrecy. In this way, those who experience hair
loss can have healthy, natural and bushy hair without the people around them
noticing. Unshaved hair transplantation allows the hair transplantation
process to be carried out in secrecy, especially for women.

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