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Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery)

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Neurosurgery (Brain and Nerve Surgery)

Neurology is a department that specializes in the anatomy, functions, and organic
disorders of the brain and nervous system that determine every aspect of how we
interact with the world. Neurologists are doctors who study, diagnose, and
treat brain and nervous system disorders.

Neurologists use modern breakthrough treatments to treat
diseases of the nervous system. Innovations in neurological technology and
treatments are advancing at an incredible rate, and the ability to treat
neurological disorders has grown rapidly in the last decades and will continue
to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Brain tumors

Brain tumors develop when cells in one area of the brain
grow uncontrollably. These tumors are classified as primary or secondary.
Tumors that develop from the tissues within the brain are called primary, and
tumors originating from another organ and spreading to the brain are called
secondary (metastatic) brain tumors. In another aspect, brain tumors are
divided into two classes as benign and malign tumors.

Clinical findings

The initial symptoms of brain tumors and the severity of
these symptoms vary according to the location of the tumor. Since early
diagnosis is crucial if you have one of these symptoms, you should see a
neurology specialist;




Fainting attacks

Weakness, numbness in hands and feet (paralysis symptoms),

Speech disorder

Psychological disorders,

Impairment in some skills (such as calculating and writing)

Diagnosing brain tumors

The symptoms above can be recognized whenever
intracranial pressure increases. When these complaints emerge, a health care
provider should be seen. Detailed neurological evaluation and evaluation with
CT or MRI should be performed when necessary.

Microsurgery in waist and neck hernia

Surgical treatment is preferred for patients who cannot
achieve satisfactory recovery with non-surgical methods. The purpose of surgery
in the herniated disc is to eliminate the compression of the tissue on the
spinal cord and nerve roots, to relieve the nerve, and thus to reduce the
symptoms of pain and weakness. The same logic applies in the treatment of
cervical disc hernia.

The microscopic discectomy method is the most preferred in modern neurosurgery practice. With
this method, the skin incision is kept short (minimally invasive) and the
hernia tissue is cleaned with a microscope and the nerve is relieved without
causing much damage.

Patients undergoing microdiscectomy are usually allowed to walk the day after the operation and are
discharged on the same day.

In the following days, leg pain will decrease by 80-90%.

3D technology in lumbar spinal stenosis and

If one of the vertebrae moves forward for any reason and
the line is disturbed, the carrying capacity of the spine decreases and it
causes strain on the waist. The lumbar shift causes pain, numbness, weakness,
and urinary incontinence in the waist and legs.

The lumbar shift (slip) may be a congenital anatomical disorder. The acquired lumbar shift may
also be the result of excessive strain, bad conditions, or an accident.

Waist slipping also causes strain on the ligaments and joints that keep our waist straight. With
this strain, facet joints and ligaments become unevenly thick and narrow the
nerve canals, increasing the compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots. In
some cases, some bone fragments at the back of the vertebra break off over
time, and the degree of slippage increases.

The rate of water in the cartilage disc tissue between the bones decreases because of aging,
excessive weight-bearing, and unbalanced movements. Disc tissue bulges towards
the spinal canal and hardens.

For similar reasons, the facet joints between the spinal bones thicken, and the normally soft yellow
fibers called the ligamentum flavum, located at the back of the canal, thicken
and harden. All of these reasons cause a nerve disease called the spinal narrow
canal, which is a compressive and disturbing condition.

Treatment of waist shift is through fixing the bones of the waist to each other with titanium
screws. With the development of transpedicular titanium screwing systems, waist
displacement surgeries can be performed safely today.

Surgical treatment options are recommended for patients whose complaints continue despite
non-surgical treatment methods in lumbar canal stenosis.

What is done here is to expand the narrowed bone canal and to relax the nerve tissue that passes
through it.

Sometimes stabilization and fusion procedures with titanium screws can be combined with
the relief process called decompression, lumbar laminectomy surgery.

The treatment method to be applied to which patient is decided by considering the patient’s current
complaints, physical examination, and imaging findings, as well as the
patient’s expectations and general medical status after the evaluation of the

Screw applications are common procedures in spine surgery.

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