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Periodontology( Gum Disease)

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Periodontology( Gum Disease)

Gum disease, simple gingivitis (gingivitis), surrounding the root of the alveolar
bone inflammation and melting (periodontitis) causes a wide range of

What Is Gingivitis?

It is an early stage of gum disease. The gums become red and inflamed; bleeding is
observed in the gums when the teeth are brushed or eaten.

What Is Periodontitis?

It is the more advanced stage of gum disease in which the bone supporting the
teeth is also affected.

The most important of the causes of gum diseases are the microbialdental plaque
accumulated between the teeth surfaces and the stones formed by the removal of this

But it is important to remember that gum disease does not only occur from lack of
oral care. Gum disease can also be caused by misalignment of teeth, the
presence of rotten teeth in the mouth, the presence of false or poorly made
veneers, and by faulty chewing forces. You may also become more prone to gum
disease during pregnancy or along with some systemic diseases such as diabetes.

What is the treatment of periodontal disease?

Gum diseases are slow in progress and it can take years for bone loss to occur
enough to cause teeth to sway. But as the disease progresses, treatment becomes
more difficult. Therefore, you should be examined regularly by your dentist to
eliminate this risk.

In most cases, the treatment of gum disease is simple. The first treatment usually
consists of professional cleaning done by the dentist using special tools and
devices to remove the plaque and stones around the tooth tissues. The first
step of treatment is to decontaminate the teeth with the help of a brush, floss
and an interface brush.

The surgical procedures performed under local anesthesia are called peridontal
operations in order to treat enlarged, pulled gums, cavities that have occurred
due to the melting of the alveolar bone, and bone melts. In these operations,
auxiliary biomaterials such as membrane, bone graft are used to target the
re-formation of lost tissues. Operations need to be checked at intervals of 3-6
months after.

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