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Psychiatry is a branch of science that studies people’s mental and nervous diseases. In this context, Psychiatry department can operate as a psychiatric hospital and respond to all patients seeking a psychiatry appointment.




In Avicenna Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, psychiatrists and
clinical psychologists work together. Patients who come to the hospital
with complaints of mental and nervous disorders go through the diagnostic
process with techniques such as clinical interviews, examination, laboratory
tests and imaging. Then, the treatment process is determined by the doctor
and treatment is started. There are two ways of treatment. One is
medication called pharmacotherapy and the other is mental therapy called

Child Psychiatry

Psychiatrists who provide child and family
counseling also conduct adolescent counseling, personality tests and
intelligence tests for young children. On the other hand, play therapies
are also performed along with developmental tests. In addition, supportive
psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, reprocessing therapy, and eye
movement desensitization therapy are performed.

Mental and Nervous Diseases

Patients who make calls such as mental and nervous
diseases, psychiatric hospital on the Internet will be able to meet the
psychiatry doctors of Avicenna Hospital. Our hospital, which can serve as
a psychiatric hospital with highly experienced psychiatry doctors, is the most
suitable place for patients seeking psychiatrist advice. All patients
seeking a psychiatric appointment due to mental and nervous disorders can reach
Avicenna Hospital and get an appointment with a psychologist.

Psychiatric Diseases

The first to come to mind of the diseases diagnosed and
treated in the Psychiatry Department of Avicenna Hospital are as follows

Grieving Psychiatric Disease

It is the destruction of a person in the face
of events that deeply shake the spirit world, such as losing a loved one,
separation with a lover, divorce with his wife. In other words, although
mourning is a very natural reaction that can be seen in all people, it can
cause serious psychiatric problems. Doctors know that patients with grief
reactions will recover over time and use supportive treatment methods. However,
if the grief reaction continues despite the passage of 6 months and if the
patient continues to have problems such as unhappiness, suffering, nervousness,
and anger, psychiatric treatment should definitely be initiated. This
situation can be defined as pathological grief.

Nutritional Problems

Eating disorders can be seen as a result of psychological problems
experienced in people. Nutritional problems and diseases generally occur
for reasons such as decreased body perception and self-esteem. These
diseases are known as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimiya Nervosa. Anorexia
Nervosa is seen in wasting enthusiasts. People with this disease tend to
eat low-calorie diets, exercise excessively, and take medication to cause
diarrhea. Bulimia Nervosa is known as binge eating. Sudden episodes
of high-level eating are followed by regret. Due to this regret, the
problem of vomiting is also seen in patients.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Problems such as constantly remembering those moments after a bad
event, being startled quite easily, having bad dreams and hopelessness are
called post-traumatic stress disorder. Examples of these bad events are
natural disasters, traffic accidents, harassment or physical attacks. Depression
and anxiety disorders may also be experienced in patients who experience such
events and have post-traumatic stress disorder. This disease can be
resolved with medication and psychotherapies.

Social Phobia Psychiatric Disease

Social phobia, which is also seen as an
anxiety disorder, can be defined as the fear of not being liked and the fear of
being judged. Social phobia can cause people to fear being in social
situations. Individuals with this disease are afraid of speaking in front
of them, eating with them, or socializing, thinking that other people may see
them as incompetent, unintelligent, or bad. Psychotherapy is generally
prominent in the treatment of this disease. It is also seen that drug
treatments are applied from time to time.

Combating Substance Addiction

Substance addicts fail to demonstrate normal behavior that anyone
can do. Drug addicts continue to use harmful substances because they know
that the substance they use harms them, but cannot fight the feeling of
deprivation. This usage increases continuously over time. Substance
addiction treatment may vary between 2 and 6 weeks. Substance addiction is
treated in hospitals and treatment continues with psychiatric treatment. Psychiatric
treatment is of great importance to maintain the continuity of patients
recovering from their addiction.

Hyperactivity Problem and Attention Deficit Psychiatric Disease

This disease generally manifests itself at a young age. It is
a diagnosis that can be made for those who have hyperactivity problem and
attention deficit, which are predominantly seen in children, who show a lot of
mobility and have difficulty concentrating their attention in one place. Although
this disease is not considered very important in our society, it can cause
incurable wounds in the lives of children at later ages. An untreated
attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder can seriously damage a child’s
education life and, accordingly, their future. For this reason, early
diagnosis and treatment is of great importance. Neurological and
neuropsychiatric tests are performed on suspected children. Then,
medication or psychotherapy is applied as the doctor deems appropriate.

Schizophrenia Psychiatric Disease

Schizophrenia is a very difficult and troublesome disease. People with schizophrenia
cannot distinguish between real and unreal events, and their brains cannot
think as normal. Therefore, patients cannot control their physical
behavior and emotions and thoughts. This insidious disease, which
progresses very slowly in its development stages, if not treated, may cause
serious problems in later ages. Therefore, early diagnosis is the key word
in schizophrenia. This disease can be treated with antipsychotic drugs so
that it does not progress. Inpatient treatment is also a method used extensively.

Sexual Problems

Sexual problems, defined as veganism’s in women and impotence in
men, can cause deep psychological problems in people’s lives. On the other
hand, these problems may also be caused by psychological reasons. In other
words, both the source and the result of sexual problems can be psychological
problems. If pathological findings are not found in patients with sexual
problems, patients can be sent to the psychiatry department.

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders, also known as anxiety
disorders, can occur in situations where a decision needs to be made suddenly. It
is a normal feeling experienced for people to survive. However, anxiety
disorder is a disease that occurs as a result of people’s inability to manage
their anxiety processes correctly and causes anxiety. This disease deeply
affects the social lives of individuals. Drugs and psychotherapy are
applied together in its treatment.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is when people focus on
uncomfortable thoughts called obsessions and gain behaviors defined as
compulsion to get rid of this condition. OCD can be seen because some
parts in a person’s brain area work more than others. On the other hand, a
past life trauma can also cause OCD. Patients are tried to be treated with
medication and behavioral therapies. OCD is not a self-contained disease.

Bipolar Psychiatric Disease

It can also be named as bipolar, manic depressive or bipolar mood
problem. These patients may show very clear ups and downs, and their
quality of life may decrease considerably. The patient, who experiences a
manic episode, becomes very energetic and becomes a powerful character with
outbursts. The depressive episode is the opposite and the patient
experiences both depression and physical collapse. The disease creates
manic and depressive episodes with episodes. In other periods, the
patients are normal and no exuberance or depression is observed. Bipolar
disorder can only be controlled with medication.


Depression is one of the types of mental and nervous diseases that are common in our
society. Depression is very common and causes people to experience
behavioral and emotional disorders. People with depression are always
unhappy and sad. They cannot enjoy the activities enjoyed in the past
life, they experience disturbances in their sleep patterns, and their eating
habits may change. Depression, which can be treated with psychotherapy, can
also be controlled with medication if needed. Depression can only be
completely eliminated by removing the causes at its origin.

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