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Foot Care - Podology - Podiatry

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We provide professional support in Foot Care – Podology – Podiatry.


Foot Care – Podology – Podiatry

Medical Foot Care (Podology)

The health of the feet, which are the carriers of the body, is very important in terms of
general body health as well as aesthetic concerns. Studies reveal that 80
out of every 100 people in the world have problems with their feet. In
particular, diabetes, cardiovascular patients should pay attention to foot
health and foot care. Podology, which is a new field in Turkey and can be
defined as medical foot care, aims to understand the physiology, anatomy,
mechanics and pathology of the feet, which are the most functional part of our
body, and to diagnose and treat diseases. Podologists (medical foot health
specialists), who specialize in the field of podology, aiming to prevent foot
problems and alleviate those at the clinical stage, offer a supportive and
complementary health service in orthopedic and dermatological field.

Why do we have foot health problems?

95% of people are born with healthy feet. On the other hand, the proportion of
those who have healthy feet in adulthood is 20%. This reveals that the
problems we encounter in foot health are largely caused by our lives. Health
problems such as calluses, cracks, fungi, ingrown nails, deformed and
incomplete nails occur in the feet due to the use of wrong shoes, insufficient
foot care, excessive weight, wrong practices and some chronic diseases. In
addition, hard folds in socks, nails on the sole of the shoes or hard
substances that penetrate into the shoe can also cause injury, inflammation and
irritation. The feet, which change over time, cause bone and joint
deformations, and even pain in the entire spine system.

Diagnosis and treatment

At the first stage of medical foot care, the podologist examines your foot and listens to
your discomfort. It asks questions about your daily life and health. It
examines the structure of your shoes and feet and draws the most appropriate
treatment plan for you in the light of the answers it receives. The
applied treatment is supported by regular foot care and toenail care, enabling
you to have healthy feet.

Ingrown nail

False nail cutting, faulty pedicure, tight shoes and socks, edema during pregnancy,
overweight, fungal infection and deformation due to trauma cause ingrown nail
problem. In such cases, the surgical procedure does not provide a
long-term solution, as the nail can also grow by sinking in the same way. Instead,
a more permanent treatment is offered by correcting the shape of the nail with
a three-piece wire system or band system (orthonix). The method to be
applied is determined according to the condition of the wreck. A holistic
aesthetic result is achieved by carrying out the treatment together with foot
care and toenail care.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus is an infectious disease that disrupts a
person’s quality of life both physically and visually. This infection is
caused by unicellular fungi called “dermatophytes”. Nail fungus,
which is the most common foot health problem, usually occurs when the fungus on
the skin is infected by contact or circulation. In addition, crushing and
bruising of the nail as a result of the impact; too narrow, thin toed
shoes and too deep cut of the nails also prepare the ground for nail fungus. Treatment
and toenail care begins with cleaning the nail tissue and removing disease
agents. This application allows the drugs to be used to take effect
faster. This process, which is applied on a monthly basis, accelerates the
recovery of the nail to a healthy structure.

Diabetic foot care

Circulatory disorder and loss of sensation in the feet is one of the most common health
problems experienced by diabetic patients. The podologist conducts
superficial and deep sensory tests to determine whether the patient with
diabetic foot problem develops neuropathy (nervous system damage) in the first
stage of treatment and care. Treatment of foot sores and infections is
vital, especially in diabetic patients. A small problem in the foot of a
patient with diabetic foot complaints can cause serious complications if
precautions are not taken. In advanced cases, the situation can reach up
to amputation. For this reason, foot care and toenail care of diabetic
patients should also be special. Considering this sensitivity of the
patients in foot care and treatments, Podolog works with special blunt bits and

Deformed nail

Nails that have been deformed, deformed and thickened due to impact or other reasons, are
thinned with special devices and tools and regained their normal thickness and
shape. Gel nail (onychoplasty) can be applied during the elongation
process to shape the nail bed and maintain the form. Since this
application gives a healthy nail appearance, it increases the visual comfort
and makes the patient feel good. The treatment is supported by toenail
care and foot care.

Gel system (onychoplasty)

The gel system, which is the medical form of prosthetic nails, is also used as a
missing nail completion method within the scope of toenail care. This
method, which is applied to create the nail bed or to maintain its shape in
deformed and ingrown nails, is frequently preferred as it provides visual
aesthetic results as well as supporting the treatment process.

Callus treatment

Calluses are formed by the hardening and thickening of different parts of the foot,
especially the sole, due to incorrect pressure distribution, pressure and
friction. In the treatment and foot care process, the calloused tissue is
removed with suitable cutters. In order to prevent recurrence of callus,
protective products and products that support tissue formation are used.

Heel cracks

Cracks and crevices in the heel; Dryness of the skin, weight gain, systemic ailments,
drugs used and continuous intervention with pumice stone. In addition to
the bad appearance, they can also lead to different complications by acting as
an infection gate. Many people with this problem are searching the
Internet to answer the question of what is good for heel cracks. However,
regular foot care provides a solution to this problem radically. During the
examination, the podologist determines what caused the crack and cleft. The
problematic area is cleaned with special diamond router bits. The
treatment is supported with moisturizing and restorative products, and measures
are taken to prevent the problem from recurring.

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