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Medical Aesthetics Unit

Rhinoplasty, in other words Rhinoplasty, is a surgical
application and interventions that require expertise to correct such problems
and problems when various medical problems such as deviation in the nasal
septum are detected or to shape and beautify the nasal features in a much
better way. are given. Rhinoplasty applications are applications that
require precision as well as expertise. Before rhinoplasty surgery, information
should be shared with the patient at every step. 

Every year, millions of people knock on the door of
plastic surgeons for Nose Aesthetics in order to make the nose structure more
beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Because in humans, the main roof of
the external appearance is provided by the face, and the key point of the
facial area is a beautiful nose and a well-made Nose Aesthetics. On the
other hand, nose aesthetics is an important issue for medical aesthetics and
beauty. In Rhinoplasty surgeries, procedures are performed to change the
current appearance and functions of the nose. In Rhinoplasty surgery, the
nasal bones and cartilages are reshaped. At this point, our surgeons
perform their procedures without any complications and in a very safe manner.

The main goal in nose aesthetic surgeries is to shape the
nose in the correct position according to the existing facial contours and to
capture the most beautiful image in harmony with the most appropriate

Nose and face harmony after nose aesthetics

The most important point in nasal aesthetics is that the
nose and face harmony is provided together. The primary goal is to reveal
the perfect facial aesthetics. If there is a disturbing arch formation in
the nose area and there is excessive sagging at the ends of the nose and the
nose is too thick or thin, it means that the need for nasal aesthetics has
emerged; Noses with such problems have a direct negative effect on the
external appearance. Here, both the incompatibility of the nose with the
face and its generally bad appearance affect the person negatively and may even
lead to mental depressions. All these cases that can be called defects can
be easily corrected with Rhinoplasty surgery.

It is important to have an aesthetic and pleasant appearance
in nose aesthetics.

It is very important for the facial appearance to look
good in shape and form after the nose aesthetics. The position of the
eyes, the angles and distances between the ear and lips are very important in
planning rhinoplasty. Therefore, a good planning should be done before
rhinoplasty ‘Rhinoplasty Surgery’.

Rhinoplasty, also known as Rhinoplasty, is called all
surgical applications performed to correct various medical problems in the nose
or to reshape and beautify the existing structure of the nose.

Condition of Incisions After Rhinoplasty and Nose Aesthetics Post-Operative Period

After the incisions are made during rhinoplasty surgery,
surgical procedures for bone and cartilage tissue are professionally performed
within the scope of rhinoplasty surgery. Structures in the deformed nose
are corrected at this stage. If deemed necessary by the surgeon, bone and
cartilage tissue is reshaped at this stage. The important point here is to
correct the nasal appearance outside the nose as well as opening the stenosis
in the nose.

Radiofrequency and other surgical procedures are
performed for the enlarged intranasal concha tissue during the nose aesthetic
surgery, if necessary. The nasal bones are reshaped with piezo or by
cutting the micro motor device precisely.

This surgery is possible with the use of quality
materials and devices. It is very important that the patient can return to
work in a short time in order to prevent bruising and swelling of the face after
the end of the Rhinoplasty Surgery.

The result is excellent with the combination of these two
important factors, together with the quality of the device and material, as
well as the experience of the physician who will perform the nose
surgery. It is equally important to use tampons that do not irritate the
nose and come out easily at the end of the surgery.

The use of ointment gauze and long tampons adhering to
the nose in nose aesthetic surgeries is now history. In most nose
surgeries, even a tampon is not used. The use of light thermoplastic
splints instead of a splint or small plaster placed on the nose increases the
comfort of the patient.

Fast recovery and the patient’s return to normal life in
a short time allows the patient’s psychology to become normal. Therefore,
the patient should return to normal life in a short time instead of staying in
the hospital or home for a long time. Patients who stay in hospital for a
long time are at risk of hospital infection. At the end of an estimated
1-week period, the patient will recover completely. It gets rid of tape,
splints, tampons and stitches.

Although not every patient may have mild bruising around
the eyes after the surgery. Even if bruising and swelling occurs, as a
result of the application of the gel or creams with massage, this situation
will improve in a short time.

As a result, with rhinoplasty surgery, the patient has
the perfect facial aesthetics he dreamed of. It is necessary to avoid
heavy work in the 4 weeks after the nose job. During this process, it will
be necessary to avoid dangers that may cause injury to the nose. No blow
to the nose should be taken, and even if glasses are used, it will be appropriate
to wear glasses in a way that does not create a load on the nose.

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