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Mouth and dental health

One of the most important elements of a healthy life is
oral and dental health. The healthy and aesthetic appearance of the teeth,
which is the basis for many diseases, is a factor that significantly affects
the quality of life of the individual. The disproportionate position of
the gums and the different sizes of the teeth due to wear are among the factors
that negatively affect the aesthetic smile of the individual. Factors such
as the food consumed, the use of alcohol or cigarettes, and lack of care pave
the way for dental problems and form the basis for the deterioration of dental
and oral health.

About the Department

Oral and dental health practices, which should be started
from childhood, are carried out meticulously in dental polyclinics of hospitals
or health institutions. Specialist dentists who meet patient demands with
many different treatment methods,

aesthetic dentistry,

prosthetic dental treatment,

dental prostheses,

Orthodontic applications,

Gum disease treatment,

Implant applications,

Filling and root canal treatment,

It applies many diagnostic and treatment methods such as
oral and dental surgery applications.


Oral and dental health is to ensure that the individual
has a healthy mouth and teeth structure, starting at a young age and continuing
regularly with the support of preventive medicine. Applications that allow
the treatment of oral and dental diseases that may occur throughout life are
carried out with great care by specialist dentists.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry, which includes many different
applications related to aesthetic teeth, includes applications that meet the
dental and oral aesthetic expectations at the highest level, as well as oral
dental health problems. Smile design, laminated porcelain teeth making,
whitening, gingival regulation and treatments are among the areas of interest
of aesthetic dentistry.

Prosthetic Dentistry

It is the practice of applying the teeth closest to the
natural tooth appearance to the patient by making use of the light transmission
properties of metal-free crowns. Full porcelain crowns without metal
support, bridges without metal support, zirconium-based bridges without metal
support are applied in accordance with the demands of the patient.

Dental Prostheses

Total prosthesis is a method applied when individuals
have no teeth left in their mouths. By making use of the bone tissue in
the lower and upper jaws, the prostheses placed in the patient’s mouth can be
used by staying in the mouth with vacuum force. Partial dentures, on the
other hand, allow for an aesthetic stance by filling the gap of the missing
teeth. The application, which allows both to meet the aesthetic need and
to fulfill the chewing function, also allows the speech problems caused by the
lack of teeth to be eliminated.

Orthodontic Applications

It includes applications that correct the patient’s
deforming and crooked teeth and eliminate incompatibilities that occur on the
teeth, jaw and face. In addition to providing aesthetics on the face, the
treatment method, which makes significant contributions to oral and dental
health, allows the area to be cleaned more effectively by correcting the
crooked condition of the teeth. In addition, the closure of the jaw
becomes smoother, and it is possible for the chewing functions to become

Treatment of Gum Diseases

Gum diseases, which are among the treatments carried out
in the oral and dental health department, are seen as the reason for 70% of
tooth loss in adults. Early treatment prevents possible tooth loss and
allows a successful treatment process to be established. If the treatment
is started in the early period, it is possible to clean the tartar, destroy the
formed plaque, and provide a smooth root surface. Daily and regular
cleaning after treatment is sufficient for a successful treatment.

Implant Applications

It is the application of placing small titanium pieces in
the jawbone in order to complete the missing teeth in individuals. These
placed parts meet the need for natural tooth root. As a result of
measurements and rehearsals, the implants placed in the mouth fuse with real
tissues in the shortest time without causing the slightest damage to the
natural teeth.

Filling and Root Canal Treatment

Fillings made to eliminate the deficiencies of decayed or
broken teeth are made in accordance with the original tooth color of the
patient. Dental fillings, which are aesthetic and very economical, do not
cause unnecessary material loss in the tooth as they are attached to the tooth
with a special adhesive. Root canal treatment, on the other hand, aims to
clean the pulp of the tooth and to relieve the patient’s uninterrupted pain by
removing the nerves that cause pain.

Oral and Dental Surgery

These are the operations needed in the teeth, jaw and
mouth. With the applications, the positions of the teeth and jaw disorders
are eliminated, and the individual is provided with an aesthetic facial

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To continue training, planning and coordination activities that will increase the quality of life in cooperation with various institutions of the society.

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