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Eye diseases

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In the eye clinic of our hospital, various eye diseases diagnoses and treatments are carried out for all age groups with equipped
devices and specialist physicians.



Eye diseases

In the patient examination in the ophthalmology clinic,
pre-measurements are made with computerized devices for both adults and
children. Then a detailed doctor examination is started.


the sub-unit of the eye specialty that treats the diseases of the eyelid,
around the eyes, eyebrows and tear ducts. Eyelid drooping, droopy eyelid,
eyelid inward or outward rotation, the treatment and surgery of eyelid tumors
and the reconstruction of the eyelids in the eyelid loss caused by various
reasons are within the limits of this unit. Prosthesis for missing eyes is
one of the applications of this sub-unit.

Orbital Surgery

The room surrounded by the bones in which the eye is placed is called the
orbita. The treatment of diseases in this chamber is among the treatments
of this sub-unit. Among these are the treatment of eye drops due to goiter
disease, treatment of tumors, treatment of surrounding bone fractures.

Refractive Surgery The

treatment of eye disorders such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and eye
diseases such as keratoconus are among the responsibilities of this
sub-unit. Refractive lens exchange (Clear corneal lens extraction),
intraocular lens application, corneal ring fixation, Corneal crosslinking are some of the methods applied.

Cataract Surgery

Cataract is the name given to the condition in which the lens of the eye
becomes cloudy and prevents vision, which is encountered in older ages and
sometimes in childhood. This is the sub-unit that deals with surgical
treatment, intraocular lens placement, single and far near-focus lens
application, and using different lenses depending on the patient’s condition.

Medical Retina

Includes non-surgical treatment of inherited or acquired optic nerve
diseases. Laser treatment of optic nerve bleeding due to diabetes, laser
suturing of tears or degenerations in the periphery of the optic nerve,
treatment of optic nerve infections, follow-up and treatment of preterm
retinopathy in preterm and incubators are the treatments considered in this context.

Glaucoma Treatment

If a balloon is left aside for a long time, it loses its air and
shrinks. Nature has created a very, very beautiful mechanism so that our
eyes do not shrink like that. A saliva-like liquid is made from some
glands in our eyes, and this liquid flows into the vessels between the iris and
the cornea, which is the colored part of our eye, and the cornea, which is a
curved transparent part like a watch glass, and mixes into the circulatory
system. Thus, our eyes remain like an inflated balloon, never
shrinking. However, if the discharge into these vessels is impaired due to
some diseases or congenital deficiencies and fluid starts to accumulate in the
eye, the intraocular pressure naturally increases and this will compress the
entry point of the eye nerve, which is the weakest part of the eye, and cause
blindness. In general, it is noticed very late because it is very
insidious and does not have symptoms that can be felt by the patient.

Neonatal Eye Diseases

Premature Retinopathy

Especially in babies born prematurely, if the baby remains in the incubator and
oxygen is given, the vessels of the undeveloped optic nerve fuse together at
the end points of the optic nerve and become tangled. In more advanced
cases, this ball moves towards the center and threatens the
vision. Treatment can be done by cryo or laser.

Neonatal Eye Infection

During birth, germs that are in the path of the baby can be transmitted to the
baby. These can also cause eye infections in the baby. Early
diagnosis and treatment is very important. Microorganisms that cause this
disease can be found and treatment is applied to the cause.

Eye pressure

Congenital eye pressure is also less common, but it can be seen in babies and
children. The most important symptom is that the eye grows more than
normal. Especially if the colored part of the eye looks larger than normal
and there is a difference in size between the two eyes, if there is watering,
and inability to look at the light, a doctor’s examination is definitely

Congenital Cataract

Sometimes some babies may have congenital cataracts. Dullness in one or
both eyes, a smoky appearance in the eye, and cross-eye may be the beginning of
the symptoms. The reasons may be the infection the mother had during
pregnancy or the drugs used during pregnancy. Sometimes, cataracts can
develop in babies for no apparent reason. A doctor’s examination is
absolutely necessary.

Regular control is the first step of eye health. In our MEDILIFE hospitals, you
can get information about eye diseases and find confidence and experience in
diagnosis and treatment.

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