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We provide professional support in Cardiac surgery.



Cardiac surgery

In cases where cardiovascular diseases cannot be treated with medication or cardiological methods, surgical treatment methods come into play. Surgical operations performed on the heart or large vessels are divided into adult and child heart surgeries.

Cardiac surgeries performed in adults are diverse, and coronary bypass, valve repair and replacement surgeries, aortic aneurysms and ruptures, heart tumors, rhythm disorders and heart transplant surgery are among the leading cardiac surgeries. In children, surgical repair of congenital heart diseases is the most common. All heart surgeries are performed in agreement with SSK, Emekli Sandığı and Bağ-Kur, as well as various insurance companies and institutions.

The success rates of cardiac surgeries performed by the experienced team of the Private Ankara Umut Hospital Cardio Vascular Surgery Department are commendable when compared to the rates in the world and in our country. All examination results and angiography images are evaluated with great care by the specialist physician staff. In the pre- and postoperative period, patients’ diseases other than cardiac surgery are also monitored by our hospital’s specialist physicians in coordination.

The KVC Intensive Care Unit has high-level technological equipment, and the heart rate, number, rhythm, blood pressure, condition with oxygen in the blood, respiratory rate and body temperature of patients who have undergone or will undergo cardiovascular surgery are continuously monitored on monitors for 24 hours. In our unit, pump (Intra Aortic Baloon Pump), hemodialysis, ultrafiltration etc. Interventional support treatment practices are also available.



  •  Coronary Bypass Surgeries,
  • Aortic Vascular Surgeries,
  • Heart Valve Surgery (Aortic, Mitral and Tricuspid Valve),
  • Leg Arteries and Varicose Veins Surgery,
  • Carotid (Carotid Artery) Surgeries,
  • Thoracic Surgery (Lung Surgery),
  • Cardiac Surgery with Video Camera (Videoscope) (Without Opening the Chest Cage).


Service Departments


  •  Diagnosis and Treatment Departments,
  •  Intensive Care Unit, Uninterrupted Monitoring with Monitor for 24 Hours,
  •  Inpatient Clinic.

“There is HOPE for the Health of Your Heart and Vessels”

We Perform An Average of 1000 Open Heart Surgeries annually.

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About Us

Private Ankara Umut Hospital; It is a fully equipped health institution that provides qualified health services for the protection, development and maintenance of health. It provides services in line with international quality standards by constantly reviewing its services in line with scientific, technological and sociological developments in medicine and other fields. It offers these services in the light of academic / specialist physicians, personnel with high level of knowledge and skills, advanced technology, comfortable architecture, quality service, participatory management principles. With its wide vision and quality service, it is a preferred health institution not only in the country but also in the international arena. It provides qualified service from the first application to the period after discharge to all patients coming from regions such as Europe, Asia and Africa.

The friendly and educated staff of Private Ankara Umut Hospital provides service with the understanding of “OUR SUBJECT IS HUMAN”. All employees consider every applicant as a valuable guest, taking into account individual differences and needs, combining their knowledge and skills with compassion and providing the most professional service worthy of human dignity.

Private Ankara Umut Hospital inpatient and outpatient departments are designed to ensure that healthcare services are carried out in peace and security for both patients and employees. Patient rooms are ergonomically designed to meet all expectations. In all rooms; Companion seat, television, telephone, mini refrigerator, wardrobe, valuables safe, personal care products, nurse call system, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

In the Imaging-Radiology Unit, Hemodynamics-Angiography Unit, Biochemistry-Microbiology-Hematology-Serology Laboratories equipped with devices with the year 2016 technology, the most advanced examination and diagnostic studies are carried out. All open / closed surgeries are performed day and night in modern operating rooms. It is found in the most advanced devices in fully equipped care units. Life support treatment and treatments in Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care, General Surgery Intensive Care, Cardiology Intensive Care and Internal Medicine Intensive Care Units are performed by specially trained expert teams. Private Ankara Umut Hospital’s vision of being an exemplary health institution in the international arena as well as in our country by providing high-level health services has been awarded various quality certificates of various studies.

With the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate, the indicator, which is the basic quality system, has been secured by proving that it is in accordance with international standards and that it provides quality service at the stage of service delivery.

With the ISO 10002: 2018 Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System Certificate, the management commitments for the use of a patient-oriented environment where we aim to serve our patients and their relatives, we value feedback, and which we aim to serve our patients and their relatives.

With the ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Worker Safety Management System Certificate, our patients, our service, our employees and our institution take preventive measures; It is documented that it is safe with corrective actions and that it applies internationally.

With the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Quality Certificate, the environmental impact processes of the service provided in our hospital have been planned according to international standards.

We will continue to do “HOPE” for you, with our hospital management that respects the rights of patients, is reliable, satisfaction-oriented, does not compromise ethical values, provides service with a continuous understanding, and operates accurate and measurable decision mechanisms.

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