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Anesthesia and reanimation

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Anesthesia and reanimation

Anesthesia is an application developed to prevent the
patient from feeling pain during surgery. There are various types of
anesthesia depending on the type of intervention. In some cases, the types
of anesthesia may also vary depending on the patient’s preference. For
example, loss of consciousness does not occur with some types of anesthesia. In
complicated surgeries, anesthesia types in which the patient loses
consciousness are applied, while in some regional applications, local
anesthesia is applied.

general anesthesia

General anesthesia is used in severe surgical interventions such as open
heart surgery, various cancer surgeries and knee replacement. Such severe
surgeries are often of the type in which the patient’s life is in danger or
that will strongly change the standard of living. Therefore, it is not
possible to use any application other than general anesthesia.


Some diagnostic methods can be painful and painful. It is important
for the patient to be as comfortable as possible during the diagnosis, both for
the psychology of the patient and for the diagnosis to be healthy. Sedation
both relaxes the patient and sometimes allows him to sleep. Sedation is
applied in cases where local anesthesia does not relieve but general anesthesia
is unnecessary. Sedation is preferred in diagnosis and treatment methods
that do not take long but are still complex. Sometimes sedation can be
applied to minimal areas in order to work in areas that are not as large as
local anesthesia is applied.

How is sedation administered?

Sedation is administered by intravenous injection. Depending on the
intensity of the sedation, in some cases the patient can talk, and sometimes
the patient may feel so sleepy that he cannot remember anything. Oxygen
can be given to patients as breathing may slow down in elderly patients. The
difference from general anesthesia is that the patient never loses
consciousness. Although he feels sleepy, he is mostly conscious.

With minimal sedation, the patient stays awake and can talk to their
doctor. In moderate sedation, the patient feels sleepy. Sometimes
patients can fall asleep at a moderate level of sedation. In deep
sedation, you won’t remember anything when you wake up, even if you don’t lose
consciousness. You will most likely fall asleep during the intervention.

When the sedation is over, the patient wakes up immediately. feeling
sleepy, slowed reflexes and nausea; are some of the side effects of

Regional Anesthesia

Regional anesthesia is used in operations that are not as big as general
anesthesia but require anesthetizing a large part of the body. Epidural
anesthesia is a kind of regional anesthesia and is mostly used for childbirth
today. So the mother is awake and can give feedback to the doctor. It
can also provide the contractions necessary for childbirth.

Some undesirable side effects may occur in sedation and general
anesthesia, but there is no such problem in regional anesthesia. So it is
extremely reliable. However, as with all types of anesthesia, it carries
some risks and must be administered by an anesthesiologist.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia provides numbing of a specific area of ​​the body. It is
generally used in biopsy applications. Sometimes, local anesthesia is
needed when deep sutures are required.

The patient may feel pressure but not pain. Local anesthesia is
administered with the help of an injector. While side effects such as
drowsiness and tremor are seen in other types of anesthesia, such side effects
are not encountered in local anesthesia.

Local anesthesia is not a type preferred by patients. The patient
will be conscious and worried about pain, but local anesthesia is one of the
least risky types.

The type of anesthesia to be applied to the patient varies according to
the operation, psychology and health status of the patient. The patient
can discuss all these in detail with his doctor and make the most appropriate
choice for him. Since the experience of the anesthesiologist is important,
he can be sure that he has taken the right decision by talking to the

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