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Genital Aesthetic Operations

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Genital Aesthetic Operations

Aesthetic and functional disorders in the genital area affect women’s

sexual lives as well as their social lives to a great extent. Problems
occurring in the genital and urinary (urinary tract) systems can even reach
psychiatric dimensions. So what causes these problems to occur? How
much is this affected by women’s lives? What are the treatments and
solutions? Is it necessary to fix these problems? Let’s answer these
questions now …

In the modern world, factors such as
women getting to know their bodies better and giving more importance to their
sexual lives increase the importance of treating genital aesthetic
disorders. Now, women apply to physicians with the awareness that the
structures in their genital areas that they do not like can be corrected.

In this group, which is evaluated in a
general framework as genital aesthetic operations, correcting the structures
that cause distress during sexual intercourse or urinating, correcting the lips
that are larger or smaller than normal (labium minor) that disrupt the
aesthetic appearance, and vaginoplasty, which usually corrects the enlargements
in the anterior and posterior wall of the vagina after childbirth. vaginal
tightening) operations. Another operation evaluated in this group is
Himenoplasty (hymen repair) operation, which can be applied to eliminate social
problems that may be experienced in our country.

Conditions such as constipation that
increase intra-abdominal pressure and difficult deliveries may cause sagging in
the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina. These sags can also cause
urinary incontinence problem. These problems are sometimes treated with
medications, sometimes with exercises performed with the contraction of the
muscles of the genital area called kegel exercises or by electrical stimulation
with biofeedback physical therapy devices, and the latest cases are treated
with surgical methods.

In order to strengthen the muscles that
loosen after birth, prevent vaginal sagging and to avoid urinary incontinence
problems in the future, kegel exercises are performed in some countries with
electrical stimulation. Thus, the tightening of the vagina is restored by re-tightening
the muscles in the early postpartum period, thus preventing the occurrence of
problems such as sexual reluctance.

Vaginal electrical stimulation is done
with the help of a small probe. In the first stage, electric stimuli are
given in different programs for the contraction and stimulation of the muscles,
and in the second stage, the vaginal tightness is tried to be achieved with
biofeedback therapy.

In our clinic, the level of urinary
incontinence, vaginal anterior and / or posterior wall sagging is determined by
gynecological examination, medical treatment, non-surgical biofeedback
treatment with electrical stimulation and surgical treatment are planned
individually. Dyspareunia and vaginismus treatment is performed with
biofeedback therapy by relaxing the muscles and electrical stimulation may not
be needed.

Vaginoplasty (Tightening of the Vagina)

Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening and tightening surgery)
is an operation in which the vagina is tightened and collected. In this
procedure, the treatment is usually performed by removing the sagging vaginal
tissue due to births and by tightening the soft tissues and muscles surrounding
the vagina. Labiaplasty, that is, the reduction of the outer lips or the
correction of the shape can be done at the same time. Generally, women who
have given birth apply for this surgery.

Vaginoplasty takes about 30 to 60 minutes under general
anesthesia. Mild vaginal discharge can be seen up to 1-2 weeks after
surgery. After approximately 6 weeks, if no obstacle is found after the
doctor’s control, sexual intercourse can begin.

Labiaplasty (Reducing and Correction ofInner Lips) 

Women with excessively sagging, disproportionate and
large inner lips prefer to undergo surgery because of aesthetic discomfort and
because these sagging lips can interfere with the woman during sexual

Labia minora being large causes psychological and social
problems, especially in young and middle age women. It prevents patients
from doing sports properly.
The constant feeling of wetness is also annoying.

In addition, labia minoras can easily be irritated and
cause painful and smelly infections, which prevents a healthy sex life.
Excessively large inner lips can cause a woman to have self-esteem problems, to
isolate herself from sexual life, to have difficulty with orgasm and to have
sexual frigidity in the advanced stage.

Vaginal aesthetic surgery is a very simple
operation. This operation takes approximately 30 minutes and the sagging
big lips are cut and reduced. The patient can return to his normal life on
the same day.

Antibiotic treatment is started to the patient during the
surgery. Antibiotic and pain reliever – anti-inflammatory therapy
continues for a week after the operation. S incision is one of the most
commonly used incisions, and this incision prevents the formation of
contractures and stiffness in this highly elastic tissue.
The first 10-15 days after the operation may be partially painful for
patients. Painkillers reduce the pain of the patients and the recommended
dressing should be made and antibiotics should be used. After this operation,
the stitches dissolve by themselves. It is necessary to wait 1 month to
return to sexual life again.
Correction of labia, labia minora, labiaplasty surgery is performed on virgin
and young girls without touching and damaging the hymen. This operation is
also called labioplasty or vaginal aesthetics of the labia minora.

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